• thankyou all for your input.

    of course my first step is to try australia. but as this is a new product, (if) it takes off, i have to be ready for that. so i am thinking of every move that i can think of before i start.

    as rob has said, posting small things os is much easier than large things.
    my product is roughly 20cm cubed, and weighs about…[Read more]

  • hi dave.
    thanks for reply.

    kind of like a cupboard display item.
    currently get quotes from china for manufacture. had a few prototypes made already. readjusting them slightly at the moment. already discussed the worldwide protection part with lawyer. pretty much decided which protection to go for.


  • i am currently developing a new product that i hope to sell worldwide. it is a lot for a joe bloe to take on with no experience in this field. but one step at a time.

    as a brief discription. it is a small plastic box about 20cm cubed. not electic. not food. just plastic.

    one of the future hurdles that i sometimes think about is logistics.

    my…[Read more]

  • hi all. im from sydney
    i am trying to develop and market a new product. and as i have no experience in this feild, am totally feeling my way. i stumbled accross this site and thought it may help.
    so here i am.

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