• if your site is built on WordPress – easy – add woocomemrce store. Piece of cake.
    Shopify – start again
    BigCommerce – Start Again
    HTML Site – start again or add a subdomain with WordPress and Woocommerce – easy

    I haven’t used the other CMS’ – Joomla etc.

    I advise Woocommerce in most cases.


  • Hello Pmok,
    I hope this helps your understanding of how Amazon FBA works (Fulfilled By Amazon). We have extensive experience of this, so this will be a longish answer. What you do with the information is of course up to you! I will use numbered points to keep my own mind clear as I write.

    1. Our experience of getting goods into Amazon in the US…[Read more]

    • Hi Keith,

      Thanks so much for response. I have a much better idea now about how it works on Amazon. I do agree with you regarding price pressure and the potential small margin of profits of selling clothes online. However, I suppose if I don’t try I will never begin.

      If you don’t mind me asking one more question, may I know where and how I may…[Read more]