New Charter for Small Business to slash red tape

- February 26, 2024 2 MIN READ
the new charter for small business will cut red tape

Business NSW has teamed up with the NSW Government to sign a Charter for Small Business. The historic agreement aims to slash red tape, enhance procurement opportunities, and solidify NSW’s reputation as the premier destination for starting and operating businesses.

The co-signing ceremony, led by Business NSW CEO Daniel Hunter and Small Business Minister Steve Kamper, marks a pivotal moment in advocating for the needs of the state’s 850,000 small businesses. Hunter suggests the partnership is a significant measure that cements Business NSW’s commitment to collaborating with the government to put an end to the bureaucratic burdens associated with running a business.

“Managing government regulations and paperwork is often cited as one of the most daunting challenges for small businesses,” said Hunter.

“Through initiatives like the Charter for Small Business, we aim to ensure that the government not only listens but also takes action to address the red tape hindering business growth.”

How the Charter for Small Business works

The Charter for Small Business is set to address key issues faced by entrepreneurs, including cumbersome permit processes and bureaucratic hurdles. By streamlining procedures and fostering a more business-friendly environment, the initiative hopes to empower small enterprises to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

The NSW Government has introduced several measures to bolster business conditions since taking office in 2023. These include planned revisions to the Emergency Services Levy, efforts to minimise annual workers’ compensation premium hikes, and raising the threshold for direct engagement with small businesses on government contracts.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and it’s imperative that we support them by minimising regulatory burdens and facilitating access to government contracts,” said Minister Kamper.

“The Charter for Small Business exemplifies our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and driving economic prosperity across the state.”

The partnership between Business NSW and the NSW Government underscores a concerted effort to enhance the business ecosystem, with a focus on reducing administrative complexities and promoting growth opportunities. The charter hinges on initiatives like the Business Bureau, which will allow for more streamlined interactions with government services.

“We’re dedicated to ensuring that the Business Bureau delivers tangible benefits to our members by simplifying government interactions and minimising administrative overhead,” said  Hunter. “Moving forward, we’ll continue to advocate for policies that alleviate financial burdens on small businesses and foster a conducive environment for entrepreneurial success.”

Find out more about the Charter for Small Business

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