5 excellent ways for spouses to support their partner’s business

- March 28, 2023 3 MIN READ
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Whether you’re just starting out or further down the track, growing a business can be really challenging, and the input from a partner or spouse can make or break that effort, writes business coach Gail Eaton-Briggs.

The good news is that a good spouse will know exactly what to do when you’re putting in the time at the coalface, and if they don’t? Well, you can give them some tips from these tried and tested methods.

5 ways our spouses can help to grow our businesses

1. They protect our work time

A spouse that wants their partner’s business to thrive will ensure uninterrupted time to run that business. They will act as gatekeepers for your children too.

This benefits the family in the long run because it means you can get into a ‘flow state’ and stay there, and thus, get more done in the time you have available to you.

This, in turn, means that you ought to be able to finish on time and spend more time with the family. Business growth hinges not on the time you put into the work, but the quality of the time you put into your work.

2. They network on our behalf

A proud partner can often be like having a second sales force. When they’re out and about doing their thing, they make connections, and when they hear that a connection has an issue that you can help with? They put you forward.

This can be a huge deal for some businesses. Not only is their spouse acting on their behalf, they don’t come across like a pushy sales person but rather as someone interested in creating a ‘win-win’ for a friend or colleague and for their partner. It doesn’t get much better than that.

3. They take interest in our work and talk about it

One great thing about having somebody at home supporting you is that they can also challenge you. Their natural interest in what you do will often lead to them reading up on your industry and discovering new developments.

They may also find training and personal development opportunities for you that you might have missed as you carry out your own busy schedule.

A business that stands still can’t grow. A supportive partner ensures that you’re always learning and growing together.

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4. They understand the finances

This doesn’t mean that your partner acts as an unofficial accountant for your business (unless they actually are an accountant, then, by all means get their detailed financial input), but it does mean that they have an understanding of how the cash in your business ebbs and flows.

They know that the end of the month is the toughest time as you chase invoices and seek to get paid. They understand that there’s a big cash drop off when you take on inventory and that might lead to a little more stress in your life.

By being able to support you as the financial weather changes, a partner helps keep down your overall stress and lets your business grow.

5. They protect our non-work time

Finally, and as importantly as our first point, a good spouse helps to protect your non-work time too. They insist you stop work and see your family. They ensure you’re eating right and getting a little exercise too.

Your business won’t grow if you drop from burnout, or worse, you have a heart attack from years of eating fast food at a desk you barely move from.

Final thoughts on spouses and business success

Your spouse or partner doesn’t need to become a partner in your business to help it grow. All they need to do is take a bit of interest and help you bear the weight of your responsibilities more easily.

By protecting work and non-work time, understanding the finance side of things, and helping us to create opportunities, a spouse can really bring huge value to the bottom line.

This article was first published on Kochie’s Business Builders, read the original here.

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