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The Flying Solo podcast is the show for those starting or growing a small business. Join Robert Gerrish and Lucy Kippist as they talk with inspiring soloists and expert guests on all things solo, micro and small business. Catch the latest shows below; via your favourite Apple or Android podcast app; use this feed on your Windows phone; or consume directly through Soundcloud, Stitcher and iTunes.

179. How to get the most of LinkedIn is just 10 minutes a day

In this episode of the Flying Solo podcast, Lucy Kippist interviews Karen Hollenbach, a LinkedIn expert and co-founder of Think Bespoke. According to Karen by focussing on just 5 main things we can get great results from LinkedIn in just 10 minutes a day. Discuss in this show.

177. The top 5 attributes of a successful person

In this episode of the Flying Solo podcast, Lucy Kippist interviews Justin Hooper, founder of Sentinel Wealth. After decades helping people manage their investments by aligning their values, Justin knows a thing or two about the types of characteristics that determine a successful life. Discuss in this show.

175. How to use your smartphone to create smart video for business

In this show, we catch up with Julian Mather. The ex-army, ex-magician, pro camera man wants to shake you loose from the outdated expensive, exclusive, extravagant 20th Century way of thinking about video and swap it for a cutting-edge mindset and the right tools to create affordable, authentic, agile 21st Century videos that resonate with the 21st Century customer. Discuss in this show.

178. What I learnt when my client fired me

For the first time in 20 years in business, Vanessa faced the appalling prospect of being fired by a client. In this episode of the Flying Solo podcast she tells Robert Gerrish how she got through the most difficult time of her career. Discuss in this show.

176. Why selling is like a contact sport

In this episode of the Flying Solo podcast leadership coach Steve Herzberg tells Robert when we're in sales, our main job is to identify the problem our client is facing and how can we help them address it. Discuss in this show.

174. Pitch perfect and running laps to grow sales

In this show, we catch up with Glen Carlson from KPI and Dent Global. Glen loves his acronyms and after updating us on what's new in his world he shares the meaning of L.A.P.S. As you'll hear, it's pretty nifty. Discuss in this show.

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