Vicki Lyon Episode 286 How a setback turned into a win for this soloist

Vicki Lyon is the founder of Sophisticated Cocktails. When lockdown hit and people’s turned to entertaining at home, this savvy soloist saw a gap in the market. A little R&D and a few friends to help her with the quality control and Vicki came up with a new line of ready to drink cocktails that… Read more »

Episode 285 Following your passion: this industry chose me

A childhood accident sparked James Elliott’s fitness journey. Today he is the founder of Elliott Performance Training and delivers one-on-one coaching that helps people meet their fitness goals. James is driven by a purpose to assist his clients to be their best. Although COVID-19 hit the fitness industry particularly hard, James was able to pivot… Read more »

Cass Spies Episode 284 How a passion for healthy treats grew into an international brand

Cass Spies is the founder of Twisted Healthy Treats. Like most entrepreneurs, her business came about when she was trying to solve a problem: how to provide her kids with healthy tasty treats. Cass shares the secret sauce that has helped her grow the business from Bondi kitchen to becoming an international manufacturer of delicious… Read more »

annette-densham Episode 283 Where is the opportunity for me to grow?

PR agent Annette Densham is great at making lemonade out of lemons. In her 50 years on the planet, she’s faced some major setbacks but has always managed to come through smiling. Her extraordinary resilience and humour have helped her face a life of challenges and in this podcast, she shares her story and tips… Read more »

Natasha McNamara EPISODE 282 The best gift you can give someone is the present of your presence

Vocal coach Natasha McNamara spends her days helping actors, presenters and business people to communicate with presence and clarity. For our latest podcast, Natasha reveals the keys to communicating with impact and provides some simple tools and tricks that will help you to become a more effective communicator. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how… Read more »

Carrie Kwan If you think ambition and mums in business don’t mix – you’re wrong!

Serial entrepreneur Carrie Kwan, founder of the Daily Addict and Mums & Co. drops by ahead of Mother’s Day to chat ‘mumbition’, the work-life tightrope and how Mums & Co’s network is helping to support women to have it all!

Tori Kopke Podcast: The sales pitch, why it’s a challenge and how you can crush it!

So many of us struggle with the sales pitch. Today’s guest, business coach Tori Kopke explains why this can be such a common challenge and how we can overcome it and make that sale.

melissa-gerke Podcast: How to leave your job and make the leap to soloist

Melissa Gerke was a public school teacher with a passion for copywriting. But when it came to swapping one career for the other, she took a long-term approach to ensure her financial security. In this episode, Melissa shares the steps she took to transition from a sure-thing government job into the world of freelancing.

Christine Hobbs Podcast: Why women need to make an informed decision about their super

Women are said to retire with around 47 per cent less superannuation than men; they’re also the largest growing demographic in the small business space. Christina Hobbs, founder of Verve Superannuation, the first superannuation fund founded by women FOR women in Australia talks us through the basics of making informed decisions about our superannuation and… Read more »

Delia McCabe Flying Solo: How eating right can help your body cope better with stress Podcast: Want to cope better with stress? Eating right could be the answer

From the archive: Delia McCabe is an ex-psychologist neuroscientist and nutritionist, with a PHD in the neurobiology of stress and nutrition. When it comes to understanding how our brains respond to stress Delia firmly believes that what we eat plays the biggest role in feeling better and more in control of our busy lives.