Tracy Sheen podcast - AI and business tech How to harness AI and tech for business success in 2024

Tracy Sheen is an AI and digital expert with a focus on helping small businesses to stay informed on the latest tech trends. She’s the author of The End of Technophobia, and she’s about to launch a new book that reveals everything you need to know about how you can use AI for your business.… Read more »

Michelle Gibbings How to start a side hustle

If you’re thinking of starting a side hustle – business coach and workplace expert Michelle Gibbings has you covered. In this episode of Flying Solo, Michelle shares invaluable wisdom gained from her own experience, including the importance of testing and developing a business concept while still employed, strategic planning, systematic approaches, and documenting processes. She… Read more »

Olivia Carr Flying solo podcast From setbacks to triumph: Olivia Carr’s path to financial fulfilment and entrepreneurship

In this episode of Flying Solo, Olivia Carr founder of Shhh Silk opens up about her own entrepreneurial journey, from experiencing financial hardship to launching a successful silk pillowcase business that is beloved by celebrities and every day consumers all around the globe. Olivia shares valuable insights on mindset training, building relationships with influential figures,… Read more »

Michael McQueen podcast Understanding the power of persuasion Mastering the art of persuasion: unpacking human decision-making

Michael McQueen is a renowned expert in the field of human behaviour and change. His latest book, “Mindstuck,” delves into the complexities of why individuals find themselves trapped in unproductive patterns of thinking and behaviour. McQueen explores the dichotomy between the two minds we possess and tackles the pressing question of why people struggle to… Read more »

Kevin Higgins Flying Solo podcast How to strengthen your business’s financials

Kevin Higgins is the executive director at Vantage Performance, and he is passionate about creating more resilient businesses. When it comes to the ins and outs of financing, Kevin is an expert. In this episode of Flying Solo, he shares all the tips you need to know to help you put your business in the… Read more »

Friska Wirya podcast Future-proof your business: Unlocking the power of change

Friska Wirya is a change management expert who helps big businesses implement change to tackle the future of work. However, her strategies are equally applicable to small businesses. Friska joins us to share her insights on how you can prepare your business to face the challenges of the future. Join us as we discuss the… Read more »

Unleashing Innovation: A Conversation on Creativity and Transformation

Evelina Bereni is an expert in assisting businesses to be more creative and embrace transformation. In this episode, Evelina will be sharing her insights on the importance of creativity and problem-solving in business, and why innovation should be a part of our everyday routines. We’ll be diving into the ProSci methodology, microdosing fear, the power… Read more »

Tess McCabe FS podcast graphic Breaking free from social media: Alternative ways to promote your business

Tess McCabe is a graphic designer, author, marketing expert, and publisher. She has recently released a groundbreaking book titled Self Promotion Without Social Media. In this episode, Tess shares her insights and expertise on how to effectively promote your business without getting lost in the constant grind of content creation on social media. As a… Read more »

donna mcgeorge How to use Ai to boost your productivity

Donna McGeorge, one of our favourite productivity experts, and she joins us today to help you prepare for the busiest time of the year. With sales season and the holidays approaching, business owners face increasing challenges in juggling tasks. But fear not, Donna will share loads of practical advice on harnessing AI’s power to streamline… Read more »

Adam Bennett podcast graphic How to make big changes to transform your business

  Now, if you think that transformation is only in the realm of big business, it’s time to reshape your view. Transformation is a precursor to innovation, and today’s guest knows all about it. Adam Bennett is the author of Great Change – The Way to Get Big Strategy Done. He’s a former CEO and… Read more »