Simone Milasas podcast Choosing business bravery: Don’t be held back by self-limiting beliefs

Simone Milasas is a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. She drops by to chat business bravery. She talks about self-limiting beliefs, why you shouldn’t let your ‘I can’t’ hold you back and how to get back to the joy of business. (She’s even written a book about it!). Drawing upon her own experience as a… Read more »

rowena millward What to do when life throws you a curveball: turning challenges into opportunities

Rowena Millward is a personal growth and business expert. And when she’s not busy working with Fortune 500 companies she’s helping business owners learn to reframe their fears to thrive in work and life. With a background in psychology and neuroscience, Rowena has some great advice for what to do when life throws you a… Read more »

chelsea pottenger How to build resilience and maximise your potential

Chelsea Pottenger is an international motivational speaker, mindfulness and meditation coach and the founder of EQ Minds. Over the past few years, she’s worked with some of the world’s leading brands helping their teams build resilience and maximise their potential. She joins us today to share some actionable insights on how to invest in your… Read more »

professor Elaine Fox podcast How to be more agile in business and life: mindset tips from an expert

Professor Elaine Fox is one of the world’s leading psychologists and performance coaches, and a renowned researcher in the area of resilience and mental wellbeing. She’s recently released a book Switchcraft,  which shows you how to break out from rigid mindsets to restore your fulfilment, curiosity and zest for life. If you’d like to learn… Read more »

dr ali young podcast Get back to doing what you love: Avoiding burnout and regaining purpose

Dr Ali Young is the author of Work. Mama. Life., a new book that aims to unpack the chaos and calm, the joys and frustrations of life as a working mum. For most women, motherhood involves a huge shift in their identity and work and life becomes a daily juggle. Ali reveals her recipe for… Read more »

cynthia dearin How to do business beyond borders: expanding your brand internationally

Today’s guest is Cynthia Dearin. If you’re thinking of expanding your business internationally – Cynthia should be your go-to for advice. She’s one of Australia’s foremost experts on international markets and she’s recently put all her knowledge into a book: Business Beyond Borders to show Aussie business owners how they can take advantage of the… Read more »

milton collins How to delight your customers and deliver on your promise

Milton Collins is a man of many talents. He’s the former CEO of Federation Square, where he spent his days running the Transport Hotel Group. He’s headed up an importing and distribution business and even spent time as the owner of a horse and cattle stud. He’s renowned for his business nous and is a… Read more »

Margie Ireland on the Flying Solo podcast How resilience and compassion can hold the key to your success

Margie Ireland is an executive coach and psychologist and she absolutely loves what she does – encouraging people to be more resilient, confident and reach their full potential. She joins the Flying Solo podcast to chat about her new book Happy Healthy Leaders and explains how purpose and passion go hand in hand with success… Read more »

Fleur Heazlewood How to bounce back from burnout

Fleur Heazlewood is the founder of the Blueberry Institute and a leadership expert in healthy, high performance. She’s passionate about workplace wellbeing and helps people from all walks of life find work-life balance without the burnout. She joins us today to talk about her new book and shares her top tips for developing resilience, increasing… Read more »

goerge Kazma Finding your niche: From side hustle to seven figure business

George Kazma is the cofounder of WAVES – the online retail destination for all the latest drops on hype sneakers and streetwear. George started the business as a side hustle from the family’s spare room with just 5K of stock and in a few short years, WAVES has become the go-to destination for Aussie lovers… Read more »