Marissa McLoughlin and Annette Short on the Flying Solo podcast How Ugly Swan have taken the humble hairbrush to a seven-figure business

Today’s guests are Marissa McLoughlin and Annette Short, and together they are the mums behind Ugly Swan – a hairbrush range that puts an end to those ongoing screaming battles we have with our kids to brush their hair. The pair started the brand in 2017 with a great idea but no small business experience… Read more »

Donna McGeorge on the Flying Solo podcast How to take back time and achieve more by doing less

Donna McGeorge is a best-selling author and global authority on productivity. If you’ve got a hankering to learn more about how to make the most of your day – Donna has plenty of advice. She’s been helping CEOs, business owners and everyday Aussies up their productivity for years and her latest tome, The 1-Day Refund… Read more »

Shalini Nandan-Singh on the Flying Solo podcast How to avoid small business pitfalls and stay on the right side of the law

Shalini Nandan-Singh is a small business lawyer, a legal coach and the founder of Love Your Legals. Since starting her practice in 2015, Shalini has helped 1000s of business owners navigate the ins and outs of their legal obligations. Whether it’s providing support, advice, contract creation or templates for entrepreneurs and business owners, Shalini has… Read more »

Ian Whitworth on Flying Solo podcast Why risk can pay off – and why you shouldn’t avoid it!

Ian Whitworth is a serial entrepreneur, former brand creative director and author of the book, Undisruptable – Timeless business truths for thriving in a world of non-stop change. He has a passion for myth-busting especially when it comes to the subject of going into business for yourself. If you want to hear some home truths… Read more »

John Gardiner on the Flying Solo podcast Fundamental secrets to business success and overcoming fear of failure

John Gardiner is a thought leader in the small business space with decades of experience. From consulting to major shopping centres, to operating his own chain of sunglasses stores to starting IT businesses long before the internet was booming. He’s had a lot of success and smidgen of failure but what he’s learned over the… Read more »

Kaiying Chin on the Flying Solo podcast Facebook and Instagram secrets from Meta’s small business expert

Kaiying Chin is the Team Lead, Global Business Group, of Meta ANZ, which means she’s an absolute expert when it comes to small business in the eCommerce, retail, and consumer goods space. She knows everything you need to know about making the most of Meta’s products for small business. So, if you’ve got Facebook or… Read more »

Olivia Jenkins podcast Business strategy advice from an ecommerce and social selling expert

Olivia Jenkins specialises in advising businesses within the beauty, health, and fashion industries on all things strategy and marketing. She’s passionate about eCommerce and has over a decade of experience in helping brands find their feet – whether it’s with social selling or how to nurture their customers. Her client list reads like a who’s… Read more »

michelle bowden podcast How to be a master of persuasion

Michelle Bowden knows just about everything there is to know about speaking with confidence. When it comes to public speaking, Michelle is a master. She’s an authority on persuasive presentation skills, with over 23 years of experience. She’s a multi-million-dollar pitch coach and her client list reads like a who’s who of international business: She… Read more »

Liz Fleming- podcast How to stop being a time waster and become more efficient

Liz Fleming is a business mentor and accountant who knows a thing or two about creating efficiencies. She previously worked for many years in the corporate world before ditching the C-suite life to go out on her own as an efficiency coach. She has a knack for helping small businesses understand how to streamline their… Read more »

tom willis podcast How to get your marketing mojo back and master digital marketing

When it comes to marketing, Tom Willis is  a legend – apart from founding Marketing Trends – an agency that specialises in keeping the industry informed on the latest fads – he’s spent most of the past decade helping upskill Australia’s marketers and business owners on digital marketing as a lecturer at General Assembly. Along… Read more »