Tina McIntosh Episode 297 Reinventing pain management with Brain Changer

Tina McIntosh is the founder of Brain Changer. After over a decade of suffering chronic pain, Tina was desperate for a solution, when she stumbled upon the work of Professor Lorimer Moseley and Dr David Butler and their book, Explain Pain. Informed by their work, suddenly something in Tina clicked and after further research, she… Read more »

Steve Liddell- Street Science Episode 296 Hard work and a good concept helped Street Science find their niche

Pivoting to online during 2020 has opened up a new market for Street Science, Steve Liddell’s award-winning business. He joins us today to share the Street Science journey. As the founder of Street Science, Steve is passionate about all things STEM and wants Aussie kids to be passionate about them too. He started Street Science… Read more »

Jo Stutley podcast Episode 295 Food is not just nourishment it’s medicine for body and soul

Joanne Stutley is the founder of Darlin’ Dal the SA winner of our Innov8rs competition.  Jo really believes that food is not only nourishment – it’s medicine. So much so, that she left behind a career as a nurse to pursue one focusing on ayurvedic techniques and the medicinal properties of the food we eat.… Read more »

nicole prudames Episode 294 Addressing social change with traditional Indigenous knowledge

Nicole Prudames is CEO of Bush Medijina. This first nation business walks in two worlds as it brings together the knowledge of the local elders to create a business that delivers products that use native botanicals to make healing remedies available to all. Bush Medijina operates from a little shed on a remote island off… Read more »

catherine randabel Episode 293 Marketing a product was completely out of my comfort zone

Catherine Randabel is the creator of the HeadBed. This innovative invention helps put an end to pain at the salon sink. Catherine’s HeadBed is also an incredible safety device, saving hairdressers’ customers from potential health risks. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s grown HeadBed to be a must-have salon product.

Julie Hirsch Episode 292 Creating a business that creates impact

In this episode of Flying Solo we meet Julie Hirsch, one of the cofounders of Eloments Vitamin Tea. Julie’s brews are refreshing and tasty and have a positive impact on your health and the planet. She shares the journey behind this purpose-driven business and explains how you can merge purpose and passion to create a… Read more »

ben lipschitz Episode 291 Entrepreneurship struck a chord with me from a young age

The winner of our inaugural INNOV8RS competition, serial entrepreneur Ben Lipschitz, founder of FoodByUs,  drops by to give us the lowdown on the startup. Ben is passionate about bringing innovation to the hospitality industry and FoodByUs is helping him do that – by connecting hospitality businesses with local producers to get the best deals and… Read more »

Flying Solo podcast - project optimism Episode 290 If optimism doesn’t come naturally, here’s how you can still learn the power of positivity

On this episode, we catch up with the co-founders of Project Optimism, Noirin Mosley and Jenny Boymal. Together they are on a mission to make the world a more optimistic place. Noirin and Jenny believe approaching life through rose-coloured-glasses is not only good for your mental health, it’s great for your business too. They are… Read more »

Avo Efrat Episode 289 Client obsession is the secret to this business success story

What began as a student job to make ends meet has blossomed into a successful business for Avi Efrat. Avi’s passion for art has translated to a bespoke framing business for artists and everyday consumers. In this episode of Flying Solo, Avi talks about his passion to deliver fast, economical, beautiful and sustainable products in… Read more »

edwina sharrock Episode 288 How this entrepreneur built an award-winning social enterprise with zero experience

When Edwina Sharrock started Birth Beat she knew nothing about business. So much so, she had to Google ‘how to write a business plan’. But this savvy female founder didn’t let this deter her. Driven by a passion to ensure every parent and career can have access to services no matter where they live; Edwina… Read more »