Christine Hobbs Podcast: Why women need to make an informed decision about their super

Women are said to retire with around 47 per cent less superannuation than men; they’re also the largest growing demographic in the small business space. Christina Hobbs, founder of Verve Superannuation, the first superannuation fund founded by women FOR women in Australia talks us through the basics of making informed decisions about our superannuation and… Read more »

Delia McCabe Flying Solo: How eating right can help your body cope better with stress Podcast: Want to cope better with stress? Eating right could be the answer

From the archive: Delia McCabe is an ex-psychologist neuroscientist and nutritionist, with a PHD in the neurobiology of stress and nutrition. When it comes to understanding how our brains respond to stress Delia firmly believes that what we eat plays the biggest role in feeling better and more in control of our busy lives.

Flying-Solo-podcast Awesome tips from Jaemin Frazer, the 'one minute coach' How your insecurities could be holding you back

Jaemin Frazer believes the biggest blocker to our success is failing to look at our insecurities. The self-titled ‘insecurity coach’ and author of The One Minute Coach shares why you need to face your failings and insecurities head-on if you want to get ahead.

Episode 271 Podcast: Why emotional productivity matters

Angela Heise has spent her whole life dedicated to understanding the ‘why’ behind human behaviour, to then be able to help people improve their life and relationships by better understanding themselves and others. She joins us on the Flying Solo podcast to talk about her work as a professional leadership and emotional productivity coach.

Small Business Lifestyle Podcast: How to manage payroll as a small business

In 2019, Federal Parliament passed a legislation announcing all businesses with 19 or fewer employees will now have to report under Single Touch Payroll (STP). This means that every pay run you now need to digitally report your year-to-date figures to the ATO via STP-enabled software (that’s salaries and wages, PAYG withholding, and superannuation information).… Read more »

Episode 273 Podcast: How I manage cash flow in my solo business

We know that managing cash flow is a common challenge for small business owners. In fact, research from Xero found that 27% of Aussie business owners named cash flow as their top concern during the pandemic. Melbourne based solo business owner, Misty Walsh the founder of Misty Salted Caramel shares her top cashflow tips.

Episode 272 Podcast: 5 things you need to know about tax for your small business

Managing and understanding tax when you’re running a small business can be a minefield. As we head into the middle part of the year, we are joined by Samuel Burmeister, a register BAS agent, XERO customer and the founder of Tall Books.

Episode 270 Podcast: Why having a clear vision, mission and values drive business success

Do you feel like your business adds value to your life? Hopefully your answer to that question is a resounding YES. If it was anything less than ‘yes’ then you have some work to do in terms of defining and articulating your vision, mission and values. Helping small business owners do exactly that is the purpose of business strategist Nada Jamal and Martha Travis, a human resources consultant’s work.

Episode 265 COVID lessons we’re taking into our business for 2021

Today’s guest David King, founder of family confectionary business “Sticky” is one such small business owner and he joins us on the podcast today to share some of key lessons he learnt last year and how they’re impacting his plans for moving into the future.

Episode 252 Running a store? Here’s how to ensure the safety of your staff and customers

Returning to work and re-opening our businesses requires thought and planning. Officeworks representatives talk us through the thorough initiatives and policies they’ve implemented to reduce congestion in-store and help their customers feel safe.