Breaking free from social media: Alternative ways to promote your business

Tess McCabe is a graphic designer, author, marketing expert, and publisher. She has recently released a groundbreaking book titled Self Promotion Without Social Media. In this episode, Tess shares her insights and expertise on how to effectively promote your business without getting lost in the constant grind of content creation on social media. As a fellow solopreneur, Tess understands the struggles and challenges faced by small business owners when it comes to self-promotion. She provides valuable advice on connecting with customers, building relationships, and standing out in a crowded marketplace. We’ll dive into topics such as personal branding, networking, website optimisation, reviews and testimonials, and the power of word-of-mouth. Join us as we explore alternative ways to promote your business and free yourself from the overwhelm of social media.

Key Topics

Self-Promotion Strategies

– Understanding target clients and attracting them

– Building personal relationships and showcasing expertise

– Importance of attending events and networking

– Effective communication and tweaking the message

– Promoting through website, blog, and newsletter content

– Offering lead magnets or incentives to attract ideal clients

– Communicating the purpose and goals of the business

– Building trust through effective communication

– Building relationships with clients and customers

Importance of Visibility and Different Channels

– Different promotional activities for different types of businesses

– Key channels like social media and website

– Consistency and professionalism in presenting the business

Paying to Promote Content and Utilising Marketing Avenues

– Spending money to create high-quality engaging content

– Paying to promote the content for attracting new audiences

– Conversations with clients about optimization and marketing strategies

Preparation and Confidence in Self-Promotion

– Importance of preparation in self-promotion

– Effectively communicating what you do, who you work with, and why

– Practicing simple statements for clear communication

– Building confidence through preparation

– Attending events and bringing support if needed

Reviews and Testimonials for Promoting Business

– Sending prompts to clients for writing reviews

– Including client promotions within the review

– Placing reviews in portfolio and linking to client’s website

– Personal anecdotes and stories in the speaker’s book

Organic Connections and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

– Personal experience with trade shows and local markets

– Side project leading to a client, friend, and colleague

– Value of word-of-mouth and social proof

– Gathering reviews and testimonials from clients

Timestamped overview

00:01:56 Book design, small business support, website design.

00:04:22 Struggles with promoting business on social media.

00:07:30 Visibility key for business, varies by type. Use multiple channels consistently and professionally.

00:11:31 Prepare and practice promoting yourself in networking.

00:13:44 Passion, values, trust: keys to entrepreneurship.

00:17:17 Client reviews provide opportunities for self-promotion.

00:21:43 Interest in ideal clients and how they find you.

00:24:55 Networking events help build business connections.

00:28:17 Meeting turned friendship and business collaboration. Organic marketing success story.

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Host: Cec Busby
Producer: Mikey Marren
Guest: Adam Bennett. Find out more about TessMcCabe


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