How to build a trusted brand

Ros Weadman  is an expert on trust – in fact when it comes to brand reputation – she’s written a book on it – Enhance your Reputation – How to build a brand that people want to work for, buy from and invest in. In it, she delivers actionable advice to help you build a business that is steeped in trust.

Ros joins us on the show to explain why trust is such a vital component of business success, how you can gain your customer’s trust andi what to do should the worse happen and you lose it…

Key topics

The Changing Landscape of Trust and Reputation

– Impact of declining trust and rise of fake news on business

– Importance of trust in branding, workplace, and consumer behavior

– Building a credible and purpose-driven brand to align with changing expectations

Strategies for Brand Positioning and Public Profile Building

– Leveraging social media for consistent brand messaging

– Empowering employees as brand ambassadors

– Creating a brand manifesto and aligning values with marketing strategy

– Forming strategic alliances and collaborations for brand credibility

Enhancing Reputation and Communicating Brand Values

– Defining purpose, vision, and mission to enhance reputation

– Strategies for attracting the right customers and employees

– Communication strategies to articulate the brand’s vision and values


Timestamped overview

00:00 Low trust in institutions, businesses most trusted.

06:38 Strategic brand alignment crucial for organizational success.

08:01 Define brand values, create actionable behaviors, manifest.

12:36 Specialist problem solving, brand archetype framework alignment.

16:03 Empower your staff to be brand ambassadors.

19:00 Passionate about building brand trust and purpose.

24:05 Effective communication and strategic marketing are crucial.

25:11 Plan content, identify platforms, and promote purpose.

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