How to unlock your team’s high performance potential

As a small business owner, you may feel out of your depth when it comes to leading a team, but as we all know – teamwork makes the dream work!

On this episode of Flying Solo, team performance expert and author of Teams That Swear By Each Other, Not At Each Other, Adrian Baillargeon, delves into the art and science of high-performing teams and explores how to build a strong and cohesive team that is aligned to the success of your business.

Tune in for practical advice on the challenges of leadership for small business owners, tips for troubleshooting tricky team dynamics, and how to improve clarity, alignment and strong relationships amongst your employees.

Topics covered in this podcast episode

In this episode, Adrian uncovers:

1. The keys to team success
  • The art and science of high performing teams
  • Why relationships, clarity and alignment are crucial in teams
  • Navigating team dynamics – roles, responsibilities and behaviours
  • The difference between finite and infinite goals
2. Aligning your team’s purpose
  • How to turn a shining, sinking or spinning team into a shining team
  • Building strong relationships
  • Addressing alignment and team issues
  • The importance of sharing individual KPIs for team cohesion
3. How to be a better leader
  • When to be a teacher, a director or an empowerer
  • Intentional leadership – the cost of complacency
  • Improving conversations and decision-making

Episode timestamps

  • [01:10] The hidden power of swearing in teams
  • [04:30] The art and science of high performing teams
  • [07:32] Roles and responsibilities: The importance of clarity
  • [10:44] Building trust and a psychologically safe workplace
  • [12:00] Team dynamics: Sinking, spinning, spiking or shining?
  • [16:16] Problem-solving: How to help a spinning team shine
  • [20:54] What ‘winning’ looks like: Finite vs infinite games
  • [26:18] Leadership challenges: When to be a teacher, a director or an empowerer
  • [28:21] Small business owners: Learning to be a leader
  • [30:40] The cost of complacency in leadership

Click here for full episode transcript.

Host: Cec Busby
Producer: Mikey Marren
Guest: Adrian Baillargeon – visit Adrian’s website or buy his book

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