How to make big changes to transform your business


Now, if you think that transformation is only in the realm of big business, it’s time to reshape your view. Transformation is a precursor to innovation, and today’s guest knows all about it. Adam Bennett is the author of Great Change – The Way to Get Big Strategy Done.

He’s a former CEO and big four bank CIO, and these days, he devotes his time to management consulting, where he assists businesses of all sizes through transformational change. If you’re ready to reshape your business for the better, listen up, as Adam has plenty of great advice.

Key Topics

Transformation in Business

– Three elements of transformation: external disruption/opportunity, strategy/choice, action/implementation

– The importance of implementation for an effective strategy

– Universal principles applicable to small and large businesses

– Crucial mindset elements for successful business operation: curiosity, humility, openness to change

– The consequences of clinging onto old ways of thinking

– The role of ambition and urgency in the organization and individuals

– Stepping outside the company’s perspective to view the business through the customers’ eyes

– Aligning business operations to meet current and future customer needs

– Gathering customer feedback for valuable insights

– Analyzing and acting upon customer feedback

Fear and Uncertainty in Business Transformation

– Fear stemming from uncertainty and potential job loss

– Transformation leading to different ways of doing things and requiring new skills

– Importance of honesty, transparency, and directness with employees about potential outcomes

Leadership and Management

– Definition of leadership as taking people on a journey and adapting to change

– Definition of management as dealing with complexity and being efficient

– Distinction between leadership and management

– Important qualities in leadership: sensitivity to the world, aspiration for transformation

Small Business Operations and Reflection

– Need for focus and thoughtfulness in small businesses due to limited resources

– Experimentation with strategies to remain competitive

– Varying impact of AI on different industries

– Recommendation for small business owners to experiment with AI tools like GPT for operation enhancement

– Utilizing AI as a complementary tool, not a replacement

– Time-saving and expanded thinking capabilities of AI in business management.

Timestamped overview

[00:01:27] Fascination with leadership and transformation throughout life.

[00:04:42] Small businesses may be transforming more than they know.

[00:06:57] Universal principles apply to all businesses. Mindset, curiosity, humility, ambition, and urgency are key.

[00:12:29] Limited resources require focused and reflective actions.

[00:13:18] Improving customer service through employee involvement.

[00:18:36] Using AI can enhance business proposals.

[00:20:51] Leadership is taking people on a journey.

[00:24:18] Fear of uncertainty in transformation is valid.

[00:27:05] Get outside your mind, focus on customers.


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Host: Cec Busby
Producer: Mikey Marren
Guest: Adam Bennett. Find out more about Adam Bennett

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