Rethinking customer experience; How to elevate service

Jaqui Scammell is the CEO of ServiceQ and an expert with over 35 years of experience in customer service. On this week’s episode of Flying Solo, Jacqui shares her journey from working at McDonald’s to leading major stadium events, to ultimately founding ServiceQ with a mission to redefine service.

Jaqui unpacks the impact of the pandemic on customer service, the essential elements of leadership, the human touchpoints and emotional elements of service , and the future of customer service in the face of advancing technology – Jaqui has coined this as 5D service. Are you ready to elevate your customer interactions?

Key points

Customer Service Challenges and Pandemic Impact
– Amplified stress and pressure on people affecting customer service
– Staff shortages and fear magnified existing service issues
– Importance of crisis response preparation and running real scenarios in leadership programs
Building Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty
– The significance of trustworthiness and delivering value to stand out in customer service
– Trust issues affecting brand reputation globally
– Loyalty as a valuable currency and the impact of consistent demonstration of trustworthiness
5D Service Principles for Business Improvement
– Actioning the 5D service principles from Jacqui Scammell’s book without delay
– Guidance from the book for further support in overcoming challenges
– Empowerment, confidence, and emotional intelligence in the workplace
Predicted Changes in Customer Service and “5D Service” Framework
– Increasing expectations, demand, and competitiveness with technology
– The significance of human touch points despite the prevalence of AI and automation
– Practical tips for delivering exemplary service and the importance of psychological safety and well-being in the workplace from “The Future of Service is 5D”

Timestamped overview

00:00 McDonald’s ‘school of business’
03:49 A service mindset leads to personal growth and gratitude.
06:47 How to break down big projects into manageable chunks.
11:41 Balancing technology and human connection in business.
13:33 The multidimensional human connections in the workplace.
17:38 Leaders must empower and serve employees.
22:31 Practical ways to build mental agility.
25:19 Increased competitiveness, demand, and human preparedness.
27:04 Leadership programs include running real scenarios to improve decision-making, resilience, and cohesion for handling crises.
30:38 “Start yesterday. Buy the book.”

Host: Cec Busby

Producer: Michael Marren

Guest: Jaqui Scammell. Find out more about Jaqui. Get Jaqui’s new book, The Future of Service is 5D.

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