The psychology and physiology of success

In today’s episode, Andrew May, shares an incredible story of transformation and entrepreneurship. Brace yourself for a tale that involves gambling syndicates, art galleries, and even a Ferrari. But it doesn’t stop there! Andrew also dives into his journey as a performance and mindset coach; shares the rituals and lessons that have helped him assist 1000s of business owners, elite athletes and corporate leaders to become more focused and productive and explains where culture and values sit when it comes to creating a positive work and home life.

Key Topics

1. The Power of Morning Rituals

– Resetting the body clock and optimizing cortisol levels

– Morning sunlight and physical movement to increase alertness

– Delaying caffeine consumption for sustained energy

2. Aligning Values with Work

– Shift in mindset due to COVID-19, prioritizing purpose and meaning

– The possibility of finding a job that aligns with values and provides financial success

– Importance of self-awareness in determining success and refusing to work with companies lacking self-awareness

3. Creating a Positive Organisational Culture

– The role of leaders in setting the tone and culture within an organization

– Social contagion theory and how individual behaviors influence the overall culture

– Managing physical, psychological, and emotional states to contribute to a positive working environment

4. The Impact of Fitness on Personal and Professional Life

– Personal training business and the benefits beyond physical fitness

– Positive effects on creativity and cognitive processing capacity

– How improved well-being leads to better business performance

5. Pursuing Passion and Taking Calculated Risks

– Prioritizing passion and fulfilment over solely focusing on making money

– The importance of taking calculated risks to pursue one’s true passion

– Reflecting on career choices and making decisions based on personal interests

6. Strategies for Productivity and Success in Business

– Unconscious behaviour and the importance of habit stacking

– Planning the day as a warm-up for optimal performance

– Utilizing check-ins and meetings for effective task management

7. Personal Journey and Business Growth

– Transition from sports science to personal training business

– Growth of the business and expansion into multiple locations

– Pursuing higher education in coaching psychology to elevate the business

8. Lessons from Athleticism and Sports Coaching

– Experiences as a junior and senior athlete in running and football

– Lessons learned from coaching various sports teams

– Applying knowledge of physiology and biomechanics to understand people in personal training

Time-stamped overview

[00:02:56] Choosing passion over money leads to success.

[00:05:15] Finished degree, worked as strength/sprint coach

[00:10:42] Gambling syndicate leads to transformative art gallery.

[00:13:24] Personal training led to improved relationships and business.

[00:17:39] Reset your body clock with morning routines.

[00:21:53] Different energy personalities: gazelle, bear, tiger, dolphin.

[00:26:15] Batching tasks massively helps with balance.

[00:27:37] Habits matter. Daily planning is crucial.

[00:30:43] Culture sets tone, affects entire organization. Toxicity spreads.

[00:35:52] Admiral Wendy Malcolm emphasizes living by values.

[00:38:21] COVID and business transformation.

[00:42:06] Connect with nature, small joys fuel energy.

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Host: Cec Busby
Producer: Mikey Marren
Guest: Andrew May. Find out more about Andrew May

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