Unlock your potential with Melo Calarco: The mindset master key!

If you’re feeling crazy-busy, stressed or overwhelmed then my next guest may be able to help. Melo Calarco is a renowned mindfulness and performance coach who teaches others how to stay energised, perform their best, and conquer burnout.

With over three decades experience, his results-based work is grounded in neuroscience, mindfulness, human behaviour, leadership training and other unique tools to help his clients find self-awareness, clarity, focus and ultimately, success. Melo’s lessons also uniquely draw on his life of cycling and trekking more than 30,000 kilometres across five continents.

He joins us on Flying Solo today to share his top advice to set your mind right for success.

Episode notes

In this episode, Melo unpacks:

  • Caught in a cyclone: How meditation saved Melo’s life (2m50s)
  • The science behind mindfulness and meditation (5m45s)
  • Melo’s book: Beating Burnout, Finding Balance (8m35s)
  • How self-awareness helps defeat burnout – signs and symptoms to watch for (11m)
  • Everyday mindfulness practices to calm and focus your mind (15m45s)
  • The importance of making self-care non-negotiable (20m15s)
  • Techniques for silencing negative thoughts and anxiety (27m)
  • Mindset tips to help you be ready for success and opportunity (29m50s)

Click here for the full episode transcript.

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