A2B Trailers

1, 2-6 Bonnal Rd., Erina, NSW, 2250

Behind the Business: A2B

A2B Trailers providing quality and strength

Highest quality trailers available in Australia, with the best of engineering designs & overrun braking systems for safety and longevity.

These durable trailers are built to last Australian conditions.

Our trailer types

Brand new high quality trailers of all types & sizes. All our trailers have hot dipped chassis for durability.
Choose from Boat, Box, Flat, Tilt, Tipper, Plant, Car, Office, Sanitary, Agricultural & Commercial trailers.
With European style and strength coupled with Danish quality and design, these trailers are truley world class.

1, 2-6 Bonnal Rd., Erina, NSW, 2250

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