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Ainslee Hooper Consulting is owned and operated by an Anthropologist with a lived experience of disability. I am passionate about improving services through consumer research so you can understand your customer’s needs and identify opportunities.

Disabled people don’t want limited access.
Disabled people don’t want partial access.
Disabled people don’t want selective access.

Disabled people want access to everything.

Anything less is inaccessibility.

Neighbor:”I don’t like the word ‘disabled.’ I prefer differently
Me:”Everyone is differently abled.”
Neighbor:”No. It’s another word for disabled.”
Me:”Then why not say disabled. It’s what I prefer.”

Everyone is differently abled.
Stop the euphemisms.

Disability is not an oddity.
Disability is not a curiosity.
Disability is not strangeness.
Disability is not a spectacle.
Disability is not a peculiarity.
Disability is not a freak show.

Disabled people are 25% of the population.

Get used to us.
We’re not going anywhere.

Here's an interview where I provide some important tips to #businessleaders on how to address #ableism at all levels, holistically. #disability #business #disabilityinclusion #disabilitydiscrimination

AHC was recommended to City of Melbourne’s Disability Advisory Committee to undertake the 2020 review of our Terms of Reference. The methodology developed to seek the insights from DAC members was collaborative, thorough and drew on principles of good governance. Respectful and responsive engagement lead to key insights of membership, and results captured in a professional report will be influential in ensuring the relevance of updated CoM DAC ToR. Members of the DAC stated appreciation and acknowledged the professional, honest and confidential way in which the review process was undertaken. I highly recommend engaging AHC and would welcome the opportunity to engage Ainslee on future assignments. Vickie Feretopoulos - Senior Policy Officer Access and Inclusion – City of Melbourne.