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Tim Atkinson IT Librarian at Kiama Municipal Council

Bradley is the most innovative and competent web developer I know. In the early 90's we worked at a large State Government Dept and Bradley had developed a browser-based cdrom server that was literally years ahead of its time. He wrote his own browser code! From this he developed Ingenieum, a webserver application used in universities and businesses world-wide.He is easy to work with and a team player, second to none. I learned much of what I know because of his expertise, patience (heaps of that) and his ability to explain simply his complex ideas.

Desley Thomas Sales Professional at AP Realty (formerly of Ray White)

Brad researched, chose and implemented the MyDesktop website we used to manage all our sellers, buyers and listings.

Paul Fox Senior Application Developer at Snowden Technologies

Brad is a hard working, down to earth individual with a wide range of practical experience. He has excellent communications skills and always brings fresh ideas into the project.