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Insurance broker providing advice for personal and business insurances.  We specialise in business insurance for small to large businesses.

With clients Australia wide, we provide all types of insurance including.

Servicing all industries ranging from professional consultancies, retail shop owners and many others including.

As an ASIC Licensed General Insurance broker located in Brisbane, with access to the insurance market we act on behalf of all our clients.

Our services include obtaining prompt settlement of claims from insurers.

To obtain a free quotation for your insurance, please call 07 3139 3900 or advise a best time to make contact with you.

Businesses provide goods and products to others. Marine Transit insurance provides cover for the movement of goods on Sea, Road, Rail Air or Post. For a discussion on your Goods in Transit insurance requirements, contact us today on 07 3139 3900 or via

The responsibilities of company directors are increasing in today's fast paced environment. D&O insurance protects you and your family assets. To gain an understanding read or call us on 07 3139 3900 for a no-obligation chat on your D&O.

Medical Indemnity insurance for GP's and Medical Specialists provides coverage for costs awarded to a third party for error, omission or negligent acts. For access to competitive premium terms with great policy benefits view and contact us today.

Both ASIC and AICD state climate change is a substantial risk. it makes sense for board members to review their risk and the potential financial loss that arise from climate change. Go to for an article discussing insurance options and climate change.

Wow. Thank you so much for your help. The lady in your office who explained things to me, so I could understand was utterly brilliant. Thanks so much again – greatly appreciated.

Marco A

I just wanted to say thank you to BIS and Jiye in sorting out my insurance. Not only did they take the time to listen to me, but I had options to choose from with my coverage, with a simple explanation for me to understand. Not only do I understand my coverage better, but I know I have an expert in my corner if I need help.

Iris K

Appreciate what you did. I needed to get my insurance in a hurry, and you were able to obtain all the details needed, and give me a good price. Thanks.

Jeff S