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Behind the Business: BusinessCo Hosted PBX

Transform Your Business Communications with State of The Art Technology

BusinessCo is dedicated to the needs of SME businesses. Our full range of business communication products is designed to provide a complete communication solution at ultra-competitive prices.

Yealink and Grandstream Business VoIP Phones

Reduce Costs and Gain Superior Functionality with IP Phones from $79

BusinessCo offers hardware that is NBN ready and at the forefront of IP technology. We offer discounted prices on the full range of IP phones from Yealink and Grandstream, world leading suppliers of IP hardware. BusinessCo also provides networking equipment with a full range of PoE switches, Wi-Fi access points and VoIP gateways for the ultimate business communication solution.

  • Ultra-Competitive Pricing
  • Enterprise Grade
  • NBN Ready
  • PBX Features and Functionality
  • Authorised Yealink and Grandstream Reseller


VoIP Phones

IP Phones are specifically designed for use with IP telephony which includes Virtual PBX and Business VoIP. The phones convert standard audio into digital format so it can be transmitted over an IP network, including the internet. It also converts incoming signals into standard audio.


IP Conference Phones

IP Conference Phones are fully equipped with PBX functionality in the convenience of a conference phone. The conference phones include HD Audio, with up to 6 metre voice pickup and built-in noise-proof technology.


IP Accessories

Businesses have varied requirements when setting up an office communication system. One of the benefits of getting a Yealink or Grandstream product is that the company manufactures a range of OEM Accessories to ensure it delivers complete functionality. They are all competitively priced and of the highest quality, ensuring an outstanding user experience.


IP Network Equipment

BusinessCo provides a full range of IP Network Equipment such as PoE switches, ATA adapters, and VoIP gateways. IP Network Equipment is often used with Business VoIP phones for a seamless communication solution. All IP Network Equipment is plug-and-play for a user-friendly experience.


150 Albert Rd, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

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