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Accounting made easy for Australian Businesses and Startups

Why sign up with Cotchy?

Cotchy are currently offering our customers a $200 Cash Grant just for signing up!

Want a FREE $200 in the bank? Are you eligible?

$200 Cash Grant Eligibility Requirements

All it takes for your business to be eligible for the $200 cash grant is:

♦ Your business must have an ABN
♦ Your business must be registered for GST

That’s it! Join up with Cotchy today!

A little bit about Cotchy…

Cotchy is a one-stop financial accounting shop! Gone are the days of juggling between Accountant, Bookkeeper and your own Administrator. Cotchy removes the search for the right experts by including Taxation, Bookkeeping, BAS and Corporate Compliance in one place. We have it all in one cloud based financial eco-system for a fixed monthly fee.

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your business and continuously innovate to ensure that we are the best go-to company in startup financial compliance. Who wants to waste time on accounting when you have a business to run? With Cotchy you never have to worry about that again!

Other companies offer bookkeeping. Cotchy offers fully inclusive accounting specifically for small business and startups. The result? We find businesses can save up to 50% off a typical annual accounting bill.

A Team You Can Trust – We carefully pick our Cotchy team to ensure both trust and ease of communication with our clients.

Ease Of Access – At Cotchy, your data is stored securely and at your disposal.

Reliable Data – Our mission at Cotchy is to ensure all data discoveries are cross checked and precise.

Simplicity – We deliver our reporting in easy-to-understand snapshots, that when delved into show a rich picture of your business’s economic position.

Dedicated Bookkeepers – We want to help you have more time to grow your business by taking care of your bookkeeping. Get comprehensive books every month with Cotchy.

Taxation – Our goal is simple. We want to help you and your business thrive and we know quality tax advice can save you cash and take away another financial burden. We will help you understand what you can claim, we will probe for extra tax claims and we will prepare your taxation returns.

Instead of taking information from your bookkeeper to your tax accountant, we are already here in an all in one package. Tax advice just follows straight on from preparing your books with Cotchy.

Tax Structure advice – As your startup grows and thrives you’ll need more effective tax structures such as trusts working with companies to give you the best of all worlds. Asset Protection for your hard fought financial position and paying the least tax possible legally.

Corporate Compliance – The reason to invest in good corporate compliance is simple. Every time you need to add a Director, issue shares, exercise options etc, you don’t have to go to your Accountant to explain and get documents. They’re all completed paperless by Cotchy with peeps who know what you’re looking for and dig your lingo. Talk about taking away friction with the external Accountant who is best at concentrating on tax advice to you.

What Cotchy Can Do For You:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Compliance
  • ASIC compliant Company Registers
  • Company Incorporation
  • Add Directors
  • Issue/Transfer/ Shares
  • Shareholder Registry
  • Annual Review and Solvency minute requirements
  • Full Corp Secretarial transaction history