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Our approach helps decision makers by:

  • Constructive dialogue
  • Understanding
  • Informed choice
  • Identification of needs and goals
  • Creative option generation
  • Workable outcomes

A mediator guides participants through a process to maximise effective dialogue, identify issues and resolve matters to meet the needs and goals of all those involved.

Mediators should ideally be accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation Standards. CPM provides mediation by accredited mediators and has international experience across a variety of industries within the private and public sector.

Crombie Pitts, Director of CPM specialises in commercial, property, workplace, contracts, council, franchising, insurance, personal and domestic disputes.

“ I have known Crombie both as a client and colleague, where we have worked together over an extended period of time. Crombie is great with people in any business environment and has a very open attitude that makes it easy to deal with in any setting.”

Nick Ljubic, Venture Property Services, Sydney

“Crombie is a great communicator, constantly looking at ways to improve efficiencies and encourages team work to achieve objectives. Crombie’s enthusiasm makes it very enjoyable to work with him.”

Janet Reading, Centre Manager, Sydney


“I have known Crombie for a number of years having worked with him in the UK at F & C Asset Management. I recruited him from DTZ where he had undertaken shopping centre management work for me. Crombie is very experienced in the field of asset management, particularly the retail sector, is a good thinker and very hard working. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Roy Halliday, Property Fund Manager, CCLA, London