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Parenting is the greatest personal development journey you will ever undertake. Children are unfiltered, raw, passionate and demanding. They constantly extend you and you are constantly confronted with failure. The greatest fear of many parents is that after all the  success and recognition they acquired professionally they are for the first time in their life experiencing failure; as a parent they lack confidence and belief in themselves, and this can potentially spiral into anger, frustration and depression.

There is no ‘On the Job Training’, no ‘Procedures Manual’, no relief, its a 24/7 mental workload. It is the only role that demands not only your brain power and capabilities but your heart too. It’s exhausting, it’s personal and it’s overwhelming. I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be like this and I can help you navigate your way out of this daily grind that you find yourself in. When parenting is difficult it filters out to all other areas of life.

One conversation can change the course of your parenting journey and guide you back to where you want to be.

Let’s have that one conversation that will bring about the greatest change for you and your family.

Content vs Content Delivery from DYMPNA KENNEDY on Vimeo.