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Copywriting for Business for Sale Ads, Franchise for Sale Ads, Tender Submissions, Proposals, and Investment Opportunities.

Brisbane, Australia.

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"I was so pleasantly surprised when I read what Dave Gillen had written for my Gumtree Ad.

There was no way I would have thought of these different angles, put so simply, and so easy to read.  It was also very inspiring what he wrote, I was just to close to it all to come up with anything half as appealing as Dave’s words.

He really put a lot of thoughtfulness into it, and I know my writing capabilities are just not good enough to express what Dave did.”

Julie Trace, BookBank

"What you wrote is such an improvement on mine, it really goes to show how a writing expert can make a real difference. I am really pleased, thanks :)"

Rowan, Garden Larder

"Thanks Dave. You are a legend."

Colin Lough, Performance Propellers