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Our flagship – Accounting Made Easy course allows attendees to Understand Accounting in One Day Guaranteed!

It has been taught since 2010 to more than 20,000 people globally and now available in Australia.

Our one-day accounting course is ideal for corporates, small businesses, bookkeepers and students. Guaranteed results or your money back!!!

We run the Accounting Made Easy program that;

– Teaches accounting visually

– Uses color codes to simplify the learning process

– Is interactive, dynamic & discovery learning based

– Is only one day

– Is taught by accountants with personalities

– Can be customised to address your financial processes in a second customised day

– Makes accounting accessible understandable & logical for everyone

In just one day

– Understand financial jargon

– Prepare Financial Statements

– See the effect of accounting transactions on the financial statements

– Understand accrual accounting inc. debits & credits

– Use ratio analysis to make decisions on financial statements


– Removes the fear of accounting

– Gives employees a common language

– Allows employees to see the financial impact of their actions

– Increases employee engagement in financial conversations

Who is it for?

– Directors

– Managers

– Supervisors

– HR, Admin & Operations Departments

– Any non-accountant

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