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At Elders Insurance Ulladulla, we can cater for your domestic and commercial insurance needs. Quotes are fast and obligation free and we talk you through the process at every step.

We’ll take the time to understand your situation and advise what you really need. We pride ourselves on being the ones to explain insurance and not just sell it.

Being a family business for over 30 years, we know the South Coast well and the types of insurance issues locals face. Importantly, we tailor advice and solutions to your situation.

Focusing particularly on Business Insurance, we help tradespeople, contractors, property owners and retailers every day to make their lives simpler. If you find insurance confusing, come and talk to us – we make it easy.

Continuing Elders’ long history with the land, Farm Insurance, including lifestyle and hobby farms, are also a specialty of Elders Insurance Ulladulla. We offer a broad range of covers to suit both working and non-working farms and can assist with farm-stays or bed and breakfast businesses as well.

Elders Insurance has a focus on delivering quality customer service in a time when clients need expert advice and assistance.

Whatever your circumstances, we’d like the opportunity to talk to you and to provide the protection you need for your business, farm, vehicle or your home.

We’re here to make insurance easy for you. We look forward to speaking with you!

Hi @PhilBerg88 and @JB_Picaroons Do you have a link or details please on Phil’s “RAPPER” method for yearly review as mentioned on the BNI podcast with @IvanMisner

Review - Adapt - Plan - Perfect - Evaluate - Results

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It’s usually more important to be in the right room than to be the smartest person in the room.

A person with great judgement and average intelligence will usually beat someone with great intelligence and average judgment.

Judgment is knowing what room to be in.

The Elders staff get the job done. Pleasant to deal with and satisfying results for us, as customers

It's great to know my insurance providers are local people who I know I can trust.

Competitive rates, excellent service, consultative approach toward their customers.


Matt Dell and the team go out of they're way to help as much as they can.
Very professional. I've sent a few people they're way already