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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

About Entrepreneur and Leadership Coaching

I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and staff to develop skills and strategies to manage stress, setbacks and increase resilience at work.  I support people to develop authentic relationships with their team members and customers and to enhance their skills in the area of Emotional Intelligence and leadership.

Why Emotional Intelligence?                       

Emotional Intelligence plays a crucial role in success for leaders and business owners, from understanding our own emotions to being able to recognise our triggers and ensuring intense negative emotions do not impact adversely on success and growth.  Emotional Intelligence also plays an important role in success by allowing us to effectively use our emotions to guide decision making and problem solving.

About Me

My name is Maryanne Kapoulitsas and I am a registered psychologist with experience in the area of Emotional Intelligence.  I am passionate about supporting people like you to develop their Emotional Intelligence skills because I have seen the benefits that improving Emotional Intelligence can have on people’s performance at work, relationships with others and overall wellbeing.

What you can expect from our work together

I use scientifically supported and research based techniques to help people unleash their potential, thrive at work or in their business and achieve the outcomes they are looking for.

During our work, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • How emotions are affecting you in your business (where they are helpful and where they are holding you back)
  • Become more aware of your own emotional triggers
  • Personalised tools to manage stress and uncertainty
  • Develop skills to increase your resilience and manage setbacks
  • Understand the mind body connection
  • Learn techniques to quickly calm strong emotions so you can remain focused
  • Use emotional intelligence to strike a better work life balance
  • Develop your interpersonal relationships with others
  • Effectively use your emotions to better guide your decision making
  • Remain focused and avoid making rash decisions
  • Take steps to improve your motivation

I offer one on one coaching sessions that are tailored to your individual and workplace / business needs

Complete an Emotional Intelligence style questionnaire to gain insight into your Emotional Intelligence preferences

Receive a personalised report with suggestions and tips for how to develop your Emotional Intelligence

Together, we unpack your Emotional Intelligence preferences including your strengths and areas of development

Develop an action plan and work on practical skills and strategies to enhance your Emotional Intelligence in your business / at work.

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