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Behind the Business: Ethical Outsourcing

Connecting your Business to Exceptional Global Talent

Ethical Outsourcing provides exceptional Virtual Assistants for Australian Small Businesses and we actively mentor and manage the relationship to ensure your success.

How is the dream of running your own business treating you?

Virtually every new entrepreneur gets into business with the same dream in mind, don’t they?

More time, more money, more freedom, less stress are common themes that arise when you ask a new business owner why they decided to quit the 9-5 grind and create their own empire.

At early stages we do everything ourselves, and with good reason for the most part. We have an abundance of time and not a lot of customers when starting out so it makes sense to multitask to fill in your days and to minimize external business expenses when cashflow is limited.

The problem arises when our businesses start to become more successful and we fill our days with income generating activities but still feel unable to assign the duties we have taken onboard in our multitasking days to someone else. So the life of a typical 60-80 hour week for an entrepreneur becomes a reality. And with the extended hours comes complications of exhaustion such as loss of focus and attention to detail all of which start to impact our brand and our love of our entrepreneurial life.

Outsourcing has often been viewed as an unpredictable option for business owners with a myriad of “horror” stories of attempts gone wrong. For many of these stories, the cause comes down to very simple factors.

With Ethical Outsourcing, I have leveraged my extensive 15+ year career in outsourcing and working with different countries and cultures both onsite and remotely to create an effective and reliable structure for attracting, engaging and retaining exceptional employees for our clients. We are not only focused on providing ethical and fair treatment of our employees, we are also focused on breaking the misconception that outsourcing cannot deliver reliable and repeatable results.

To read our report “7 Steps to Successful Outsourcing for Small Businesses”:https://ethicos.com.au/7-steps-to-successful-outsourcing-for-small-businesses/

7 Pickwood Rise, RESEARCH, VIC, 3095

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