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Our services are ideal for organisations who do not have the time or background to handle accounting functions. First Class Accounts Ovens & Murray is committed to building long term relationships with clients through well organised and trustworthy bookkeeping. Accuracy, quality and efficiency are priorities in our work and we aim to provide great financial management solutions to every client on time, every time!Our services are as flexible as possible to maximise the benefits for our clients.

We will visit your business and set a course of action customised to your situation. From there, our services can be delivered on or off-site and at intervals that are consistent to your needs and preference. First Class Accounts Ovens & Murray strives to build a solid rapport with our entire client base, yet still maintain an astute attention to detail and a determination to benefit our clients, we are responsible for helping our clients with all of their bookkeeping needs, and they are our priority.

Last week, Workplace Burnout was elevated by the World Health Organisation from a built-in feature of our always-on world to a fully defined “occupational phenomenon” that stems directly from our collective crisis of workplace stress.
Why is this so...

Despite the appeal of the 'overnight success', the path to turning something from an idea to a side-hustle and, eventually, a full-time enterprise is best taken at a slow and consistent pace...