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There’s nothing worse than having the DESIRE to start your own business but feeling totally overwhelmed by not knowing HOW to actually start.
For one thing, it takes a lot of time to start a business on your own, time that you just don’t have. When you finally do get around to making a start, you spend more time staring blankly at your computer screen in complete overwhelm than actually making progress on your goals.
Every element takes countless hours of research to understand WHAT to do, let alone working out whether what you are doing will ACTUALLY WORK for a business of your own.
You start feeling like you are spending countless hours searching for the right information and feeling like you are going round in circles with no real FOCUS.
Of course, you can try to go it alone….
… if you’ve got mountains of business experience, money to burn and extra time to spend learning information that may not even be relevant to your business.
What if I told you there was a simpler way?…. a much simpler way? ….
I’m Ingrid Thompson, and I’d like to introduce you to my book ‘So You Want to Start a Business, the 7 steps to create, start and grow your own business’.
With ‘So You Want to Start a Business’, you can access the EXACT step by step system I’ve been using for 15 years to help others get their businesses started faster without the overwhelm.
No more feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what to do…
No more wasted time on activities that are not moving you closer to your business goals…
No more feeling like a failure if you don’t have any previous business experience….
I remember exactly what it’s like…
Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with almost 1 000 businesses, many of them Business Startups. I have started and run 2 businesses of my own and so I know the common costly mistakes and lack of clarity you can experience when just starting out. I’ve experienced that confusion about where to start, what to do next and the biggest struggle I faced was not even knowing what I didn’t know and no-one to ask for help.
If you are serious about starting a business, than I’d love to help show you the path to take and help you pursue your dream and make it real!
I specialise in helping people create their own business.
I work a lot with Pilates studios and with yoga schools, other health professionals and other business startups. I believe that health professionals are an exceptional group of people who are terrific at what they do, helping their clients and my role is to help them create and grow a successful business.
Our clients want to make a difference through their endeavours; they want to create change and transformation in the lives of their clients through health and wellness practices; Pilates, yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy and more.
Our Clients are embracing new technologies to create client and customer reach far beyond what has previously been possible and at the same time are connecting with others at a deeply meaningful level.
There has never been a better time to take your great idea and create a business to give you an extraordinary life while enabling you to make a difference in the world. You know you need the best possible financial understanding and business acumen training that will help you make decisions about taking that great idea and creating a successful business; and the reality is that some ideas may not lead to a viable business.
You want to “get it right” from the start and our programs provide process for getting it right when getting started in business.
You are some one who wants to:
* make a difference to your clients and community
* create the income you desire so that you can live your best life
* thrive and grow both personally and in your Business
* get your message out to the world
* be decisive and take action
I’m here to help. Ask me how

"I met Ingrid through a course on how to start a business in 2016. Ingrid is a passionate and entertaining speaker who delivered the course content effectively meeting all outcomes. She was as well as a teacher, a facilitator and a guide through the simple steps of setting up a business.


Her knowledge on various business industries, on numbers, along with the numerous stories of successful (and less successful )businesses was an inspiration to hopefully help me achieving my business goals. I would recommend to have a talk to Ingrid if you are seriously thinking of setting up your business."


Manu Chav

Ingrid's ability 's bring people together and create a support network is incredible. It’s mainly brought about by her hugely generous nature. Thanks again, Ingrid

Fatema Saifee

I initially met Ingrid when she was one of the mentors for a Women in Business program I attended aimed at women

who had recently started up their own businesses. I joined her Accountability group as I was looking for ongoing support

once the program had ended.

I have found working on my own quite isolating, after a large corporate environment, and the group has been a tremendous

help both to be able to bounce ideas off and also to provide encouragement and feedback. I find that the discipline of having to report back and 3 times a month helps keep me on track with my goals and has pushed me to do things outside my comfort zone.

Ingrid’s extensive business knowledge and experience has been very valuable as has her positive, can do attitude.

Jacqui Irwin

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