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When you are in small business, there are not enough hours in the day to look after your clients as well as work out how to grow your business.  That’s where we come in.

Heart Harmony Communications have been helping start-ups and small businesses across Brisbane make sense of their online marketing for over a decade. We help you build, grow and engage with your clients through smart strategy and powerful words. We help you with web copywriting, web design, content marketing and social media – all without the heavy jargon and expensive price tags.

While we specialise in marketing for trades and service businesses, we have worked with everyone from not for profits through to IT and manufacturing firms.

Today’s marketing tip: Women buy EVERYTHING. Old folks have ALL the money. How many women over age 50 in your marketing department? In your product design department?

The online world seems to change hourly. What was an effective social media, web or SEO tactic today will see you tank or be belted tomorrow. Know that a large part of your marketing time needs to be spent to be scanning the horizon to spot changes to what is working.

Now and again, it helps to remind yourself that not all clients are ones you want to keep.

Mike Michalowicz says it best: "There are three types of clients, and their importance is ranked exactly as follows: 1) good clients, 2) non-existent clients, and 3) bad clients."

Interviewing midlife small business owners for my book, one of the most consistently successful marketing tactics across all industries is businesses having a number of great alliance partners. Your best leads in business come from close alliance partners.

Ingrid is the pre-eminent copywriter specialising in SME’s in Brisbane, she is innovative, quirky, and above all ethical. Ingrid’s insight and creative thinking has been the driving force behind my business strategy with social media and online marketing.

I have seen my sales from the online sector grow steadily and sustainably in line with the campaign mapped out and managed by Ingrid.

Ingrid’s involvement in our business has paid off exponentially! Ethical, competent, effective…. is how I would describe her.

Chris Lehmann

Tradesmen on Time

Always full of great ideas, Ingrid is my ‘go to’ for both my words and wisdom. She has produced copy for both web and print projects for many of my customers, including ourselves. The results are always the same… Spot on each time!

Jonathan Edwards

All About Print

I found the service to be very professional. I particularly was impressed with the depth that Ingrid went to get information out of me, and the different ways she asked questions to get the information that really mattered. She was responsive, efficient and friendly.

I was impressed with how easy Ingrid made the whole process. She made a product tailored to me perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.

Callan Hayward

CL Kitchens & Cabinetry