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I create engaging content and strategic social media exposure that talks to accounting and bookkeeping businesses within the cloud community. As an accountant with twenty-five years’ experience in corporate and small business world, I am focusing my attentions on helping businesses bring awareness to their solutions through education and content.

I can help you deliver powerful, distinctive, engaging and educational content. Through my authentic voice, I can bring different ideas, perspective and diversity to your content. I can enhance and validate your brand awareness, and broaden your reach by sharing content with the community I am connected with.

Content creation can include: guest blog posts, article writing, product reviews, educational how to’s, video creation, podcasts, social media account takeovers, campaign collaborations, social media blasts and giveaways.

For some good news to start Wednesday - the Aloe Vera I offered up a couple of weeks ago - was split up and went to six different homes in the neighbourhood. #FreeTheAloe

@mattpaff Square with @SynderApp and @xero at least syncs my inventory from sales back so a nice option for many small businesses. Bit clunky with weebly being an added program with items but best I found for small e-commerce and retail store.

How to identify your key drivers for outsourcing accounting via @TOAGlobal #Accounting #ModernPractice 🏆🌏

Heather, just a quick note to say thank you for writing the Learn Small Business Start-ups in 7 days. What a real treat! I wish this was given to business (or accounting) students as a compulsory reading. They could learn so much from you. You make a difference to ordinary businessmen.

Hana Krskova CPA, MBA, AGIA, ACIS

Business Consulting and Coaching  Focus Consulting

Heather is a woman of integrity in today's rapidly changing business world - she has soul, commitment, loyalty, and is genuine beyond words. I trust her and she delivers a level of excellence that outshines many providers. Heather embraces and educates technology - she is and has always been a fabulous mentor. You are certainly blessed having this lady on your team - tactical or strategic A++ every-time!

Lisa Martin, GoFi8ure


Heather’s knowledgeable, capable, and consistently strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She’s a leading expert in the Xero community, and it’s always a pleasure to bounce business technology ideas off her.

Chris Wheatley

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