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I create engaging content and strategic social media exposure that talks to accounting and bookkeeping businesses within the cloud community. As an accountant with twenty-five years’ experience in corporate and small business world, I am focusing my attentions on helping businesses bring awareness to their solutions through education and content.

I can help you deliver powerful, distinctive, engaging and educational content. Through my authentic voice, I can bring different ideas, perspective and diversity to your content. I can enhance and validate your brand awareness, and broaden your reach by sharing content with the community I am connected with.

Content creation can include: guest blog posts, article writing, product reviews, educational how to’s, video creation, podcasts, social media account takeovers, campaign collaborations, social media blasts and giveaways.

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"She’s had plenty of first-hand experience with what happens when you ignore debtors and let them slip through the cracks, so Lisa makes sure that as a biz owner, she knows what is going on in the @GoFi8ure accounts." via @DebtorDaddy #AR ☎️✉️💸

Presales as a Business Financing Model via @SynderApp #eCommerce #ecommercebusiness #onlineshopping 🛍️📱👛

Heather, just a quick note to say thank you for writing the Learn Small Business Start-ups in 7 days. What a real treat! I wish this was given to business (or accounting) students as a compulsory reading. They could learn so much from you. You make a difference to ordinary businessmen.

Hana Krskova CPA, MBA, AGIA, ACIS

Business Consulting and Coaching  Focus Consulting

Heather is a woman of integrity in today's rapidly changing business world - she has soul, commitment, loyalty, and is genuine beyond words. I trust her and she delivers a level of excellence that outshines many providers. Heather embraces and educates technology - she is and has always been a fabulous mentor. You are certainly blessed having this lady on your team - tactical or strategic A++ every-time!

Lisa Martin, GoFi8ure


Heather’s knowledgeable, capable, and consistently strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She’s a leading expert in the Xero community, and it’s always a pleasure to bounce business technology ideas off her.

Chris Wheatley