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Identilab offers Australia’s most reliable DNA testing for family law, immigration, and peace of mind. We are 100% Australian-owned and operated, with our purpose-built laboratory located in Brisbane. Our scientific staff has over 45 years combined experience in forensic and human identification sciences.

Identilab offers a range of DNA testing services:
* Parentage Testing (peace-of-mind and legally admissible)
A paternity test determines whether a man is the true biological father of a child. Similarly, a maternity test determines whether a woman is the true biological mother of a child.
* Immigration Testing
Immigration testing is performed when a visa or citizenship applicant is required to provide the Department of Home Affairs with evidence of a biological relationship between two or more people.
* Extended Relationship/Kinship Testing
Extended relationship/kinship testing determines the likelihood of a genetic relationship between two or more people. Relationships that can be tested include siblings, half-siblings, aunt/uncle – niece/nephew, cousins, and grandparent-grandchild.
* DNA Profiling
Having a copy of your DNA profile on file is useful for a number of reasons, such as for estate planning, or because you are employed in a high-risk profession.
* Twin/Triplet Testing
DNA testing accurately confirms if twins/triplets are identical or fraternal (non-identical). Identical twins/triplets will exhibit the same DNA profile, while fraternal twins/triplets will have different DNA profiles.

Identilab holds ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable results which, if collected appropriately, are legally admissible.

I had to do a Paternity test, and not knowing too much about it I searched Google and came out with two to decide from. I kept going back to Identilab as they had wonderful reviews. I contacted them by phone in regards to having my kit sent out and to the Gentleman who was also doing the testing. From the moment they answered the phone and got talking to me, I knew I had made the right decision. Friendly, happy staff that answered all questions at this time made the phone call easy. Once the kit had arrived, I felt like I still had a million questions to ask. I emailed these amazing people, and with quick replies and answers to all my questions with so much compassion, they helped ease the anxiety I was feeling.No question was left unanswered, and after so many emails and apologies, they put me at ease by telling me no need to apologise and this is what they are here for.
I would especially like to thank two extremely amazing Ladies, Lisa and Kate. You have helped me through this journey right up until I received my final report, which was what I was hoping for. You two are rays of sunshine in this world and should be more like you. Outstanding job. Thank you both from my heart for helping me with my final journey.


I cannot thank you enough. My lifelong search for my biological father is now complete thanks to one of your tests. The speed at which the results came through was amazing and saved us from an agonising wait, and the team member I spoke to on the phone was professional and friendly. I would highly recommend your services to anyone else in a similar situation.


The team at Identilab went above and beyond to assist us with the DNA matching process working through the weekend to deliver a report to the officials in record time! Without this customer service and dedication, our flights home would have been delayed into 2021. Instead, we are now safely back home. Kate and the team understand the anxieties and stresses brought on by the Australian DNA process and provided us with the most exceptional customer service and support from the time we engaged them. So highly recommended 5 stars. Thank you Identilab and thank you Kate.