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After a decade working in the public health sector, I started my solo consulting business seventeen years ago and have never looked back. I specialise in providing expert advice to address complex issues in health organisations, and in evaluating the effectiveness of health services and programs.

I have recently launched the Solo Consultant Masterclass, a comprehensive online course for start up consultants to the public and community sectors.

If you’ve recently started your consulting business and are struggling with the learning curve, then the Solo Consultant Masterclass will provide you with the support and guidance you need to build your skills, your confidence, and ultimately your business.

It is built around my 9-step system, developed over my 17-year career consulting to the public and community sectors in Australia.

Step 1 – Win the project
Step 2 – Establish project governance
Step 3 – Undertake first level briefing
Step 4 – Commission new information
Step 5 – Consult stakeholders
Step 6 – Distil findings
Step 7 – Produce report
Step 8 – Manage the project
Step 9 –Manage the business

Giving more than you get paid for is a common mistake for new consultants.

Here’s how I manage my time to avoid underquoting my clients:


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I have three downloadable training videos that have all the information you need to overcome that first major hurdle - winning business.

Check them out here 👉 https://buff.ly/2WbHcUl

I know the journey from employment to consulting is tough - no matter how good you were in your career.

I've created a checklist of the ten things that will help you make the transition: ⬇️

✅ https://buff.ly/2QymCrs

Subcontracting? A few simple steps will protect you and your colleague, avoid any misunderstandings and help you deliver a better project for your client.

"Jacq's masterclass was a godsend! The 9-step program was comprehensive and full of valuable information and tips that demystified all the critical aspects of successfully setting up and running a solo consulting business.  The rich supporting toolkits and step-by-step guides gave me the skills and confidence to develop my new business and remain an invaluable online resource that I revisit frequently.”

Steven Vlahos, former Assistant Auditor-General, Victorian Auditor-General's Office.

"I found this Master Class invaluable as someone starting out as a solo consultant. I’ve spent more than 15 years in senior government policy and project roles. The 15 modules in this Master Class are a veritable treasure trove of information, particularly in unfamiliar areas and possible pitfalls one faces working as a consultant. But there were even things I learnt about areas in which I already had long experience. Jacq Hackett has distilled 17 years of experience into sound, accessible, and practical advice. Couple this with the generous addition of tools and templates, and you have an indispensable resource. " 

Julie Letts, Director, Letts Consulting

"As someone who is just starting out on consulting projects, Jacq Hackett’s Masterclass provided invaluable information on how to get work, complete projects, and manage your business. I’m sure I will go back to the modules time and again as I expand my consulting work and hopefully be able to avoid making some beginners’ mistakes as a result!"

James Kite