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It is unique in its use of online videos to walk customers step-by-step through filling out the document templates and explaining key clauses. Plus there is telephone support if you get stuck or have a question.

The documents are all written in plain English and the process of completing the templates is very user-friendly – Easy as 1-2-3.

There are legal agreements, forms and templates specifically for individuals, families, small businesses, online businesses and property owners. For example: Wills, Confidentiality Agreements, Letters of Demand, Legals for Websites, Holiday Rental Agreements, etc. is the leading Australian-owned legal website and rapidly becoming ‘the’ online reference for Australian legal information, frequently cited by and is owned and operated by Legal123 Pty Ltd which is an incorporated legal practice regulated by the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at my Flying Solo Spotlight profile.

Running a consulting business can raise many legal questions. Legal 123's Legal Guide for Consultants is the perfect tool to answer these questions.

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The legalities of copywriting can be confusing. Legal123 can help to clear things up. Check out Legal123's guide for copywriters, content writers, and freelance writers to learn more.

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Starting a blog can bring up many legal questions. Legal123 has the answers. Check out Legal123's guide for bloggers to learn more about the legal specifics of starting a blog and much more.

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Legal123's Legal Guide for Legal Guide for Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Mentors answers frequently asked questions and more.

Check out all of our legal guides and how to's online at

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"Customer service is EXCEPTIONAL - great product to boot - saved us thousands."   Troy St Clare

"Clear and concise documents at low cost and ultra quick turn around. Great way to cover your legal bases without having to pay the high cost - great service!"   Michael Califano

"What I thought was a major issue in developing a web site has turned out to be one of the easier aspects thanks to the Legal123 templates and the management behind them. A very essential, economical and user friendly system. Congratulations on your site."   Nicholas Slack,