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This experience means she both knows how to integrate a successful marketing strategy with a business’ processes and understands the adversity small businesses face when chasing growth. She has worked as a senior account manager for a number of digital agencies, coordinating projects for over a dozen clients whilst also running her own marketing business. In 2019 she was invited to be a guest speaker at RMIT, sharing her knowledge of SEO with final year students. Whether it’s a website development, strategy implementation, SEO, PPC, email marketing or social media campaign she can take this project from being an idea to an implemented reality. The depth and breadth of her experience mean she is not just a solution to one problem but possesses the knowledge required to see the big picture the comprehensive way small businesses must in order to grow. Her passion is making digital marketing simple for small business owners. She communicates the technical nature of these projects in a way that ensures you feel comfortable knowing you’re in safe hands.

Donna Blackwood is a highly talented website designer and developer. I love my new website! It is vibrant, professional and quirky where requested. It is fabulously functional and user friendly for clients and me. From the star, Donna took on board my ideas and brief and instilled confidence that she could deliver what I wanted. Her knowledge, skill and perseverance became quickly evident. Her easy manner in working with me actually made it a pleasurable experience. For someone who is not that technically minded, that is saying something. To see the site evolve into a high-quality website and produced in a timely manner and on a budget is admirable. I can highly recommend Donna.

Marie Rosier -

I would recommend Manage my Marketing for their great skills & knowledge which is vital to my business. I'm not very tech-savvy, but they take the time to explain things in a way I understand and am comfortable with. I've learnt a lot and it's great to have local experts so I can get on with running my business!

Julie Ahern -

Efficient, knowledgeable and completely open and upfront. Manage My Marketing & Donna are a pleasure to work, not just because of the prices, but because of the quality and ease of the process. They stand out as shining beacons of honesty amidst a sea of high cost, 'not sure what you're getting & probably slightly shifty' marketing, SEO and SEM organisations that plague the industry. Could not recommend more, as I've run out of adjectives.

Alan -