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Many businesses present their online persona through a WordPress site and why not? WordPress is a mature system with many plugins and themes allowing you to create a powerful web application to suit your business needs.  The additional promise of self-management and easy updates makes WordPress a sensible choice for the prudent business owner.

The ongoing maintenance and operation of WordPress sites ( WordPress Site Care or WordPress Management ) can be a minefield with constant updates to the WordPress core and themes and plugins and the never ending attempts by hackers to find a way to exploit your installation.  To understand the constant attention all WordPress sites receive from hackers I encourage you to look at your access logs where most sites will receive hundreds of login attempts a day.

Updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes are mostly in response to discovered exploits that could be used by hackers to gain access to your site.  These exploits may result in a defacement of your site which would damage your reputation but the larger risk is where the site is used for other purposes that are not apparent to visitors.  Your site may be distributing unwanted code (in worst case Ransom Ware), mining cryptocurrency (using your hosting resources), or acting as an email relay for spam or even acting as a bot targeting other sites for hackers.  You may not even be aware until someone reports that they receive a browser warning when trying to access your site.  Once your site is black banned it may take months if not years to earn back the reputation lost due to the hackers work.

So how do we help?

We integrate your site into our secure WordPress management platform by installing some plugins that allow us to remotely scan, monitor, update, and protect your site. We manage all updates to ensure your site is safe while also limiting access attempts through the use of a firewall greatly reducing the risk of loss of reputation.  All updates are preceded by an offsite backup so that any issues can be resolved in the rare instance an update breaks your site.  All updates are performed after hours (or at an agreed time for international sites) to limit the inconvenience to site visitors.

We also perform regular security scans to check that the software installed is the same as held in the repository – this quickly detects hacks that may not be known and allows us to shut it down saving your site from damage. We check uptime at 5 minute intervals so we know whether your site is up or down.

Included in all our plans is a messaging system built in to the dashboard so you can contact us directly if you need help with any WordPress function – installing plugins, updating pages, adding pages, image processing etc.  Included in some plans is a time allocation for small tasks as directed and we also have an assistance service for any time where you just want some expert help or advice on your WordPress site.

We provide accessible reports through your Account panel so you can see our activity at any time.

We provide additional services to improve your rankings in Google – https secure – we install and modify your site so that it works over https without errors, and page speed optimise – we optimise your landing pages for best performance to rank better and reduce bounce rate.

Recent surveys indicate that the average site owner who is performing all their own maintenance and updates is averaging 4 hours per week on their site.  Our costs to provide management is less than you probably charge you clients for an hour, per month.  The savings to you are potentially thousands of dollars per year without including the savings from greatly reducing the risk of loss of reputation.

Other Services

We also provide site relocation, site redesigns, hosting (manageent customers only), SEO, site optimisation, https secure, page speed optimise, server management, and site rentals for business owners looking for a low capital upfront solution to a new web site.

Please contact us for a no cost analysis of your requirements.

To find out more about the person behind the business, take a look at Steve’s Flying Solo Spotlight profile.

HTTPS Secure - secure your WordPress site now to improve ranking and trust.

Living in a safe neighbourhood - why where you host your WordPress site is more important than you think.

Allcorp has been working with Steve in relation to website and technical services for more than 10 years.

Steve assists our company with technical PHP coding services, custom content management systems and the integration of database driven website backend interfaces.

Steve also manages all of our hosted WordPress websites by ensuring they are all kept up to date and don’t contain vulnerabilities that are known to cause reliability and security issues.

Within these areas of expertise, we find Steve is an asset to our business and provides a high level of professionalism in all of our dealings over the years.

Our website was previously hosted with a major organisation, absolute Chaos. The problems were large and numerous and we were in desperate need of assistance.

After talking to Steve at ManageWP® a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Although I have dabbled in I.T myself, the Knowledge, experience and practical skills Steve possesses are nothing short of extraordinary. Steve was able to Migrate our whole website and databases, debug and fix all the issues we had and rectify all the issues we had with our emails.

Steve is always on hand to answer questions and seems to answer my emails instantly, honestly and in a language anyone can understand – I am unsure if he sleeps!

If your website is important to you, then do yourself a favour and call ManageWP® – you will not regret it.

ManageWP have been truly an awesome company to work with. I have been with them for almost a year and they currently manage three of our websites.

Steve Irwin, my main contact is not just a master with wordpress. He has an amazing knowledge of the industry. He works closely with our SEO team, our data centre and our web developers ensuring that our websites perform at their best. Nothing is too hard and task requests are completed within the promised time.

I highly recommend ManageWP as provider of best practice wordpress solutions.