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Melbourne Voice Therapy provides specialist remedial treatment services for vocal problems and dysphonia. We assist in providing ongoing coaching, education and management to enable and support healthy vocal technique and its usage.

We are referred to by some of Melbourne’s leading medical community including speech therapists, ENT surgeons, general practitioners and physiotherapists.

Anyone can be affected by vocal health issues, in particular those that rely heavily on the use of their voice in their daily work and activities. The majority of vocal problems are often caused by a combination of physiological, psychological, and environmental factors.

Issues often arise due to inefficiency of use and when excess load is placed on the voice without adequate training and technique to accommodate environmental pressures. As with any ongoing physical discomfort and pain, it can also often lead to considerable concern over time for the individual affected.


  • Throat pain/discomfort
  • Hoarseness/huskiness
  • Decreased vocal range
  • Phonation cut out/voice break
  • Lowered pitch
  • Tongue/jaw/neck tension
  • Decreased stamina/vocal fatigue
  • Regular loss of voice


Most vocal problems are remediable with high quality training. Through appropriate and detailed assessment, Melbourne Voice Therapy rehabilitates muscular vocal dysfunction and educates our clients on how to maintain optimum vocal health.  We successfully navigate the interplay between voice and mind to make that which is complex, simple, without missing a beat.


“I was recommended to see Rebecca for a voice problem that had plagued me for 5 years and was interfering with my work (i am a doctor) as well as my social life. Having seen countless medical specialists, speech therapists and physiotherapists over that time i was losing hope the problem could be corrected. After my first session with Rebecca I felt an immediate improvement, and everything she explained to me made intuitive sense. Having worked with her for the past 6 months I have had significant relief of my symptoms and can get on with my life. I can highly recommend Rebecca as an empathetic, motivated, experienced and knowledgeable vocal coach who can get results where others have failed”.


“Rebecca diagnosed all my vocal problems within the first 5 minutes of my first lesson. From there my improvement has been amazing. She has helped me to find my natural singing voice, increase my range and sing with ease. Lessons are aways fun with improvements seen in my voice every week.”


“I’ve been looking for a singing teacher for a while now who not only knows the ideal technique that they want to teach, but can also show you how to do it based on adequate education and experience in the music industry which to me is imperative. In the past, my singing teachers couldn’t always reach the notes that I could with ease and it always left me concerned as I didn’t want to end up emulating them. But Rebecca is the real deal – after 12 months I hardly recognise my voice. I have so much more power, my range has significantly increased, and all of this has been achieved without adding strain or damaging my voice. If you are serious about singing and are willing to put in the necessary effort, I definitely recommend Rebecca from Melbourne Voice Therapy.”

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