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We are here to provide
  • Computer Support,
  • Network,
  • Internet (NBN) and more
  • Voice and  Phone services
  • Cloud IT services

to the Small businesses across Australia.

Outsourced IT

Our Outsourced IT solution is our premium option, providing a complete IT support solution for your organisation so you can focus on your business rather than its IT.

Smaller and expanding businesses opt for Outsourced IT management services because it makes business sense. It’s simply more efficient, prevents distractions from technology issues and allows more effort to be directed at revenue generating activity.

Managed  IT

Our Managed IT solution allows you to select individual services that meet specific needs within your business. You may not need our Outsourced IT department, but everyone needs to avoid viruses, backup failures, and wasted time on emails you should have never received.

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Cloud IT

What is all the hype about the Cloud, what’s the difference between having your own systems, hosting, using shared solutions or cloud solutions?
At Pegasus Technology, ‘hsc’ refers to Hosted, Shared, Cloud solutions.
All three are solutions that are not located on you premises, but at a third party provider.

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Cloud Voice

Our unified communications solutions extend the power of a cloud voice system into a complete collaboration experience.

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Osbournes Lawyers

Client since 1999

"Mark and his team have been trusted advisors of Osbornes Lawyers.  They are proactive and responsive and not only keep us up and running but up-to-date!  Pegasus have installed, expanded, upgraded and relocated us over the years and we highly recommend them."

Wendy Gregory - Practice Manager



Client since 2015

"At Newealth we are experts in our field, creating financial growth and security for our clients. We do what we do well and expect our business partners to be the same. The team at Pegasus are experts in their field and have managed our IT services for over three years. That’s why we use them as our business partner. They do what “they” do well!!!”

Dejan Pekic - Principle and Senior Financial Advisor

MCS Consulting

Client Since 2016

“Pegasus Technology took over my systems a year or so ago and settled everything down within a few days. They took the time to come out and audit things carefully work over all the minor details that sometimes get left for another day! They have been responsive, effective and technically accurate in what they have done for us since taking over. We had good support before, now we have great support. I sleep better at night.”

Tom Marinov - Owner