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As sufferers are fully aware whenever a patient has surgery for the prostate or bladder there are a number of side effects. One option is to undergo further surgery but as many doctors have noticed the results are not as effective as non-invasive solutions. Phallosan has been the subject of an independent clinical study by a German urological clinic and has shown very positive results for patients. By using the device for a minimum of 4 hours per day (it can even be worn while you are sleeping) over a period of 6 months the majority of unwanted symptoms will disappear. Visit our website for further details

"I bought Phallosan to correct side effects which occurred after I prostate surgery. I have had the device for about 4 months but have only used it for 2 months so far for 4 hours per day. I feel much healthier and I must say Phallosan has made a big difference. When I first started using the device the sensor with the traffic light signals (red, yellow and green) broke. I photographed the broken piece and sent the picture to them explaining what happened and within 3 days a replacement piece came by express post. Very happy with the product and the service."