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Let me share a little of my personal pilgrimage. Pilgrim Packs was born from a sense of humour at my own travel (mis)adventures, the need for a little comfort, and of course fun on a long pilgrimage.

Pilgrim Packs are small, lightweight, eco-friendly travel amenity packs designed for all types of travel. With flight restrictions, airport security and road trips in mind, Pilgrim Packs products ensure you relax, refresh and arrive ready to enjoy your well-earned holiday, or land fresh and focused for that important presentation.

Pilgrim Packs is a business that shares the values close to my heart: my love of friends and family, my passion for travel, our environment, health and wellbeing. I don’t just want to remedy the travel headaches I faced; I want to make our world a little bit better in the process. It’s still early days, but as we grow, I invite you to follow and make your own contribution to our pilgrimage.

Our vision is to increase awareness of eco-friendly travel options and products, to inspire, educate and help travellers on their pilgrimage.

Our mission is to build an online presence, sharing information and stories to help fellow travellers relax and enjoy their journey, to be well informed, well prepared and well packed for comfort. Where possible we will source locally developed, eco-friendly, sustainable products, and partner with like-minded brands who advocate eco-friendly products, sustainable production and support community causes.

Relax, refresh & arrive ready to go.

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