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Our Slogan is: "WE SELL SELL"!

As 40% of purchasing decisions are still made in store Posoz is the company to help you make your display standout.

Everything from hang sell tabs to pricing tools and date coders we have what you need. We specialize in food ticketing and with over 40 years experience we have the knowledge to help you promote your products in an eye catching display. There are a number of ways of presenting your products and the choice is up to you. Examples are:

  1. Simple plain tickets that you can either write on with an OHP pen and erase with eucalyptus or use a Brother P-Touch machine to label the tickets.
  2. Plain tickets with holes for changeable pricing and lettering can be done with the Brother lettering machine
  3. Digitally or Screen Printed Tickets with all you details including product name, cooking instructions, country of origin, and your logo.
  4. Edikio Thermal printing of white laser image on Black food compliant tickets.

Our other Name is DIY Display and what we do is help you to display your items professionally and sell more.

Latest store buying information says that 40% of purchases in stores are still made on Impulse. Thus a good display and well presented information will help you to turn lookers into buyers.

Our in depth range of shelf clips and sign holders insure the right product for the right application.

If you are after a product that is not on our website just call us on our toll free phone number 1 800 645 949 and we will do our best to help you find what you are after.