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Don’t just stop within in the Melbourne city, explore our beautiful surroundings with a day trip to the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula or The Great Ocean Road. You will get to see, taste and do what’s on offer at our breathtaking destinations.

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Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley Deals

The Best Private Wine Tasting Tours to the  Yarra Valley

Sure, you can hire a car and drive your friends and family around, but you won’t be able to enjoy our local wines. For the same costs of you hiring a car, well, maybe just a bit extra towards a designated driver you can enjoy the freedom of doing winery hopping in the Yarra Valley.

You get to choose 3-4 wineries of your choice, and it can be daunting thinking about all the selections of wineries in the picturesque views of the Yarra Valley. If you wish, we can organise and pick a few that you would enjoy; from the famous winery to a more boutique winery for that pleasant personalise tasting experience.

The list below are just a few wineries for your group to consider;

  • Chandon; famous worldwide for its French influence; champagne or we call it here sparkling wine in Australia. The best selling wine in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Oakridge Winery
  • Yering Station
  • Helen and Joey
  • Helens Hill
  • The Four Pillars – Gin
  • The Alchemy Distillery
  • Coldstream Brewery
  • Morgan’s Vineyard
  • Wild Cattle Creek
  • Whispering Hills
  • Payne’s Rise

The list goes on, and you would probably need the whole week to explore this award-winning wine region that’s about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne city.

The day doesn’t have to stop at just winery, brewery or distillery in the area. You can add and substitute other stops such as visiting the Dairy Farm or the Chocolaterie (world-famous) for tastings. That’s the beauty of hiring a designated and private wine tours Yarra Valley.

Perfect For All Occasions

That’s right people you can hire a designated driver to organise the day for all special occasions. Maybe you are thinking about;

  • hens day winery tours
  • bucks day brewery tours
  • boy or girl’s birthday
  • reunion outing
  • corporate day out
  • celebration and anniversary
  • you name it and we make it happen for you

Private Winery Tours Yarra Valley

Mornington Wine Tasting Tours Melbourne

If the Yarra Valley region is not your cup of tea and you would like a more coastal drive from Melbourne. You need to hop on for a fantastic drive to the Mornington Peninsula for winery tours, taste cheese and enjoy fine dining at the popular restaurant. It is considered a world-class dining experience, even The Wolverine himself; Hugh Jackman visits regularly.

The list below are a few popular wineries in the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Polperro Winery
  • T’Gallant
  • Pt. Leo Estate
  • Red Hill Estate
  • Pier 10
  • Trofeo Estate Winery
  • Montalto

Which region tickles your taste buds? If you are unsure, why not do both on different days. Make the most out of life, and life’s worth creating as many memories as possible with the time you have with friends, family or colleagues.

Explore our beautiful region with our wine tours in Melbourne.

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