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Rite Price Help You Compare Evaporative cooling, and Ducted Gas Heating With Ducted Air Conditioning.

Evaporative cooling air conditioning systems works with nature. You can easily understand the concept by simply paying attention to how your body keep cool when it’s hot. When we are hot and our sweat glands does their job, we sweat. The sweat then evaporates and that phase change carries heat away from our skin simply because its only the heating process any liquid form can be transformed into vapor. This is the simplicity of an evaporative cooling air conditioning system.

The concept of evaporative cooling is more effective in dry climate zones like Adelaide South Australia. You can put this principle to test by simply spraying a mist of water into the air, as you watch the tiny droplets of liquid falls to the ground, you witness an amazing thing. You see the tiny droplets of liquid evaporates into individual water vapor molecules. The point here is that it takes a measure of heat to transform water into vapor and in this case the heat comes directly from the air. At the end of this process, you get  cool air. This again is the simple process of an evaporative cooling system.

what is ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems as the name suggest is a type of AC system that uses ducted outlets to channel air flow
through out the house. Ducted systems are capable of working on various degrees of houses, from small to large houses, ducted AC can be effectively implemented for an optimum performance. Ducted systems are not limited to residential home alone, this type of system has the capability to carry heavy payload of any industrial building based on floor plan.

Ducted systems are a great way of cooling or heating every room in your home without inconveniencing anyone. What i mean by this is; you can simply set the temperature you want independent of each room. You can choose to lower the temperature of your living area while running it at a different temperature in other rooms. The fact that big system such as ducted AC allow for such partitioning of air flow help home owner save on utility bills. Imagine running your air conditioning for a 5 bedroom house and having to run it all at once regardless of whether someone is in those room or not.


How much does a ducted gas heating system cost to install into your home?

Depending on the size of your home, the number of ducted gas heating, type of unit, access to the roof or floor cavities as well as the competency of the installer you will be looking at about $600 – $1500 for installation costs.

In terms of your installation, it really comes down to your specific home requirements and the cost of installation, which can be an hourly rate of between $60 and $120 per hour to install your unit.

In many cases, it is better to have a full-service quote for the installation of your new system, which will include an on-site quote, transport of the unit to your home, measure, fit and test by the same company. This ensures there are no ‘buck passing’ when it comes to any potential issues or faults with your system.

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Paul Coom called me in response to my online air conditioning request for a quote. Few days later he visited my house and confirmed his offer in writing. He further checked with his electrician and confirmed the load capacity. On the agreed date Tony and his colleague came on time and with the new system and went about installing the outdoor unit and the indoor unit in a professional manner. They were absolutely courteous and well mannered. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with the three human interfaces from Rite Price Heating & Cooling. From - Ravi Subraman

very happy with the service received from rite price heating and cooling. prompt service of install, polite installers arrived and got straight on with job of install. very tidy , neat and communicated what was needed to operate and maintain split system. and now have a very good unit running , could not be happier. payment of system easier to do and was followed up with a phone call from their office and an email back with invoice.

absolutely made the right call to use Rite Price heating & Cooling. From - Dave John

Darrin was great with the communication - keeping me informed and answering my questions in a timely fashion. On the day of installation everyone arrived promptly and the job was performed smoothly, due to great teamwork amongst the guys. Happy to recommend the Valley View team. From - Bec Garland

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