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Hi, my name is James Thompson and I’m a sports physiotherapist and running specialist. I’m also the director of Run Pure, a company dedicated to making the world of running a better place.

We provide individualised solutions for runners of all levels who want to recover from chronic or persistent injuries, improve their enjoyment of running and run faster than ever before.

We realise there are three key elements to making a great runner and our programs deliver this to our runners and allow them to find their running sweet spot.

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James is the perfect health specialist to associate myself with as he will look at the whole body/function rather than just the pain location, meaning people walk out of his practice pain-free and are able to return to elite performance without recurrence of injury. James takes the time to educate and discuss the presenting issue and I would recommend any personal trainer, athlete or individual with serious or niggly issues to contact him. I pulled up 2 months prior to the London Marathon with a foot/calf injury meaning I couldn't run more than 5km without stopping in agony. James with a practical assessment and video analysis was able to point out thoracic and cervical spine issues. As a result I was able to not only complete the marathon but achieve a personal best!

Luke M

I now have a clearer idea of what good running technique is and how to balance a suitable running program, which gives me greater confidence in my running. I found that my performance improved regularly, and my times keep dropping a bit each race through more efficient technique and physical conditioning. I now feel that I can be successful over many distances as I have the method and structure to achieve to my full potential.

The Run Ready program is perfect for just about anyone who is interested in running. Getting some expert advice and training is the smartest way to get the most out of your training and avoid injury or burnout. Even if you are an experienced runner, you might not be doing things as well as you think you are and you don’t want to miss out.

Tim S

Following the Run Ready program I feel much more positive towards running and feel that I have potential to run faster and further than I ever have before. I didn’t realise that technique and training practices can have such a significant impact on improvement. Feeling more efficient and lighter when running has allowed me to build distance a lot faster and more comfortably than before. I think there are a lot of runners out there like me, who just do what they have been doing since starting running as a kid, or even as an adult, who don’t realise that a bit of coaching will help them achieve lots more in a shorter time. Lack of progress and repeated injuries stop a lot of people running, when with just a bit of help, they can achieve a huge amount of performance gain”.

Deanne W

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