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Harness the potential of Highly Sensitive people in the workplace

Most workplaces are not set up in ways that help some of their most valuable people, those with a Highly Sensitive temperament, to thrive. I consult with organisations to help them see how valuable these employees are, and adapt the physical/sensory environment and relevant processes to create workplaces where they can thrive. Doing this will give enormous benefits to these individuals, who make up 15-20% of the population, and to their organisations.

Highly Sensitive people, or those with High Sensory Intelligence, are aware of subtleties in the environment (inner and outer). They process these subtleties and the rest of what they perceive, deeply. This high level of awareness and processing leads to insight, perceptiveness and creativity. The temperament is also associated with high levels of empathy, conscientiousness, and other desirable traits.

It’s important that workplaces recognise and provide for the gifts and needs of these people, as their unique contributions already make a great difference in our society. Too often, though, they’re languishing at work, unable to give their true best because those workplaces are designed, in environment, expectations, and policies, for the non-sensitive majority. The changes aren’t exceptional and don’t need to cost much, but making them will prove invaluable for us all.

I offer presentations, workshops, and consultations. My consultation process is straightforward, unobtrusive, considerate and insightful. It doesn’t consume much time for the organisation, and is a small price to pay for the resulting benefits. To find out more, either about these services or the temperament, please visit my website (see link at right).

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