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Behind the Business: Solar Calculator

Independent solar power advice

Solar Calculator is an Australian business that provides a free solar calculator tool that allows users to determine the feasibility of solar power for their property.

Solar Calculator is an Australian business that provides independent solar power information and a free solar quotes service to its customers. The website is a source of information for households and business that want to learn about solar power and calculate the feasibility of adding solar panels and batteries at their address.

Solar Calculator features a free solar calculator tool on the home page of its website. The tool allows users to evaluate: the cost, environmental and financial benefits that solar power may bring to their property. The calculator also allows users to add a solar battery to their desired system and analyse the benefits. Should users wish to have a detailed estimate provided on a solar installation at their property, Solar Calculator can organise to provide three free quotes from certified solar installers.

The website features many other tools and resources, including a solar panels buying guide. An estimated 1.5 million homes in Australian already have solar panels installed at their home or business. Recent technological advancements together with a reduction in the cost of batteries, has made solar storage attainable for many of these owners. Solar Calculator has developed a solar battery storage tool that allows existing solar panel owners to weigh up the benefits of adding a storage solution to their solar system.

The website is also a source of information on all elements of solar power. Visitors can learn about solar rebates and even calculate the amount of the incentive they’d be entitled to. Likewise, users can also read up on solar feed in tariffs and the financial impact they have on electricity bills. There is also information on: solar leasing, finance options, environmental benefits, off grid solar, solar systems and the Tesla battery.

PO Box 486, Balnarring, VIC, 3926

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