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Behind the Business: Seminda

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SonicSoft offers a unique team of tech champions that collaborates with you, to take your business to unmatched heights with supreme quality.

Sonicsoft stands out as a young, dynamic group of IT professionals who understand what the digital era and digital transformation in the modern world is. This team is led by a group of highly skilled professionals with over 15 years of industry experience based in Australia. They were able to nurture a team of highly capable software professionals with time. Formed in 2017, we have attracted a champion team with diverse tech and business backgrounds, with experience in numerous domains.

Our experience ranges all the way from catering to startups businesses and veterans across industry vertices. We have always worked as a strategic tech partner to businesses and individuals who are in need of a tech team. Sonicsoft functions by having a team dedicated to each step of the process, who eventually works together to deliver robust masterpieces of functional code with initiative designs.

With years of experience, we have refined our development processes, techniques, and deliveries. The team has strived for continuous learning and development which is the reason why we are here today as a tech company. Our development process is unique and is always bound to deliver quick results. Before we get into the software development, our leads gain a good understanding of your business, services, or processes to build a prototype of the final solution. A software prototype makes it easier to hunt down missing functionality, refine scope, and for all parties to reach a common understanding. We confidently aim to deliver the best tech solutions whilst maintaining high levels of professionalism and integrity!

Alongside all this, we take agility seriously. The world is changing at a rapid pace and the Sonicsoft tech team aims to meet the increasing business demands with technological advancements. This is why we have embraced the agile software development methodology for the most part. Agile software development facilitates the involvement of our clients to collaborate with our team for the final delivery. Again, this is not a hard and fast rule for Sonicsoft. We are flexible and we cater to the unique needs of our clientele at all times. We are happy to follow the techniques and approaches that our customer is comfortable with.

Our team strives and loves to form long term strategic partnerships with our clientele. So, the project conclusion does not mean that it is the end of the story for us. We offer continuous support as a part of maintenance based on our client’s requirements. In fact, our prompt, steadfast tech support is one reason we stand out as a solution provider!

Suite 26 2/222 Lonsdale street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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