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Debt recovery

Letters of demand, statutory demands, initiating claims in Court, defending claims in Court, negotiating settlements, settlement deeds, debt recovery strategy, mediation, adjudication, and trials.

Debt Recovery Prevention

Terms and conditions, credit contracts, personal guarantees, charging clauses, PPSA registrations, default clauses, registered mortgages, drafting caveats, and getting caveats removed from title.

Enforcement of Money Orders

Enforcement hearing & statement of financial position, enforcement warrant for seizure and sale of property, enforcement warrant for redirection of earnings, enforcement warrant for redirection of debts, order for payment in instalments.

Serving bankruptcy notices, advice and assistance with bankruptcy notices, setting aside bankruptcy notices, sequestration orders, resisting sequestration orders, creditor’s petitions, resisting creditor’s petitions, advice on bankruptcy, advice on personal insolvency, part IX debt agreements, part X insolvency agreements.

Serving statutory demands, setting aside statutory demands, advice and assistance with statutory demands, making winding up applications, resisting winding up applications, rebutting the presumption of insolvency.


Acting for the liquidator or bankruptcy trustee in voidable transactions claims, advising liquidators and bankruptcy trustees on insolvency law, commencing legal action to recover unfair preferences; uncommercial transactions; insolvent transactions; unfair loans to a company; and unreasonable director-related transactions.

Acting for third parties to resist unfair preferences claims and uncommercial transactions claims made by liquidators.

Acting for directors of insolvent companies and in relation to insolvent transactions claims, unfair loans to a company, and unreasonable director-related transactions claims made by a liquidator, advising and acting for directors in safe harbour provisions and limitation of personal liability of insolvent companies.

At Stonegate Legal our lawyers assist and advise people, businesses and companies on all commercial litigation, debt disputes, and insolvency matters.

Commercial Litigation – we act for all businesses, companies, partnerships, and people who are involved in commercial disputes, we act for both plaintiffs and defendants in Court proceedings.
Debt Disputes – we act for anyone involved in a debt dispute. We act for creditor plaintiffs seeking to recover a debt, and we act for debtor defendants seeking to dispute an alleged debt owed by them.
Insolvency – we act for people and companies facing insolvency against bankruptcy trustees and liquidators. We also act for insolvency practitioners against people and companies facing insolvency.

We are experienced in:

Commercial Litigation;
Legal Debt Recovery;
Small Business disputes;
Letters of Demand, statutory demands and bankruptcy notices;
Debt Collection Law; and
All aspects of commercial litigation, debt disputes, enforcement of money orders, and insolvency.

Thanks Wayne Davis and team for all your amazing help and support. These guys work hard to ensure they can get you the best results possible!

I’d just like to thank you once again for your help. I followed your advice and the customer paid me by direct debit the same day.

Debt Recovery Qld were efficient and kept the lines of communication open. We were very happy with the result and continue to use Debt Recovery Qld for all of our debt collection and recovery work.