The North Pole Shoppe

5 Ramsay Street, Garbutt, QLD, 4810 All other, Homewares, furniture & fittings, Outdoor products & structures, Retail

Behind the Business: Nikki Nunnari

Delivering a shopping experience that's above and beyond what you expect.

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The North Pole – The Northernmost Point on Earth

“The North is determined by the Polar Star, the symbol of stability; it is the fixed point that never wavers. When conviction is strong, you are under the protection of the guide of the North.

Courage, enthusiasm, dependability and devotion to duty comes from the force that rules and guides the North”

You can depend on The North Pole Shoppe to deliver an excellent shopping experience.

We guarantee quality products, responsible service, smarter customer support, fast, reliable shipping & generous rebates for supporting our local business, our agents and our brands.

5 Ramsay Street, Garbutt, QLD, 4810

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